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A small collection


The fruits of my labours from a few months ago are ready to be shown to you today.  I thought that I’d present them as my first Small Collection!!  If you stay with me to the end of this post, you’ll also see details of a KAL and a special offer for the month of November.

First up, I am excited to show you the Diamonds are Forever cowl, originally designed for the Knitsch Jewel Thief yarn club.  The rights have returned to me, so I am happily able to make the pattern available to all.

diamonds are forever cowl

When Tash invited me to design a pattern for The Jewel Thief yarn club, I immediately thought of diamonds. A necklace of diamond lace!  This is an easy lace cowl, alternating diamond lattice with garter stitch.  Lace holes separate each section to provide definition and extra drape.  The garter stitch sections are themselves divided lengthways into alternating panels of diamond lattice and garter stitch.

Diamonds are Forever detail

I knitted this cowl using only two skeins of Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn, although it will suit all fingering weight yarn.  I love it for days when I just need a bit of warmth around the neck.  Why not try it with DK or worsted weight yarn and get a larger and squooshier cowl for the cold winter days?

The pattern only has one chart which is a simple 6 stitch, 12 row repeat.  It’s a good one to “cut your teeth” on lace or if you’re looking to knit something interesting that isn’t going to be too demanding on your attention. I’ve suggested the use of stitch markers in the pattern to divide the sections.  I found they were a useful way to keep one’s place.

The diamond panels that alternate with the garter stitch align to the same chart rows in the diamond block panels, so it is easy to keep track of where you are in the pattern.

diamonds are forever 2

This link will take you to the pattern on Ravelry.

Next up, are the Aster socks, which you will have already seen in my post about the Aster MKAL.

Aster socks

It’s the detail that I’m most proud of.


This is where I’ve hinted at the flowers above the leaves.

More flowersAnd more travelling down the leg of the sock, ending in an interesting cabled heel, that everyone loved, and said was the best of all!  I will leave that detail a small mystery because although the concept worked well, I was slightly unhappy with the edge cable, so I have changed it (no, don’t worry, MKAL knitters, it’s only a small change, but I am much happier with it now. I think when you see it you’ll agree it’s a better design).

You can use any typical sock weight yarn for this design – any of the New Zealand sock yarns will be fine, and if you are using an international one, just don’t choose something too heavy (eg. Blue Moon Socks that Rock) or the sock will be bigger than designed (unless you want it that way).  For this sock, I used another one of James’ fabulous Fibre Alive Merino Mania in the Blackcurrant colourway (sadly James does not dye any more, but any supertwist 2 ply 100% merino sock yarn will be similar to what I used).

This sock is constructed top-down.  The pattern is lacy, so I have reduced the number of stitches to give the sock a snug fit for the specified sizes.  It is available in medium and large size – the large uses a 64 stitch cast on – if you do not like your sock too snug, this might be the better size for you.  This pattern is recommended for intermediate level sock knitters.  It would also be helpful to have knowledge of basic lace stitches (treatment of YO, K2tog and SSK).

Here’s the link to the pattern.

Still with me?  (It’s a long post… sorry!)

Here’s the best bit:

  1. Some of the MKAL knitters (and Alice) have been very kind and agreed to co-moderate a KAL for Aster over on the Kiwiyarns Knits group on Ravelry.  If you have been keen to develop your lace sock skills, this is a good pattern to try out, and you’ll have help along the way.  The flowers utilise a double yarn over, and the leaves have an unusual double structure, which is good for someone looking for a small challenge, not to mention the cool cabled heel (which isn’t a challenge, it’s just a buzz).  As it is my birthday month, and I am now so old that I feel it’s better to give than receive, I am going to select a couple of lovely participants to receive some goodies at some point during the month.
  2. To further tempt you, if you purchase any two of my three most recent patterns  (Something Lovely, Diamonds are Forever or Aster) you will receive an automatic 30% off the combined price.  This discount applies to all purchases during November.  No code required!  A few people have already bought the Diamonds are Forever cowl.  If you have, and you also buy another of the mentioned patterns in November, the discount will apply to your second purchase.
  3. I have one more pattern to add to this Small Collection.  It’s a bonus freebie. I’m hoping it will be ready for November – work commitments permitting!

I do hope some of you will join us for the KAL.  It should be fun!


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9 thoughts on “A small collection

  1. Really love the diamond cowl!

  2. I love your cowl too – and the lace flower motif in your socks

  3. Don’t be sorry for a long post ! I love reading them. Especially when it’s got lovey designs involved 🙂
    I’d say you just convinced me of knitting lacy socks while facing autumn & winter… :O
    ( btw, I don’t think twentysomething is that old… 😉 )

  4. Thanks for this post! I had lost my knitting mojo (no knitting for a few months), but I saw your cowl and immediately got myself some knitsch yarn. One week later a cowl, completed, blocked and worn! I love it! Now I’m furiously knitting again – my mojo is back!!