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Too incredible… way to go NZ Post!


Today’s story is about tiredness, mistakes and a very happy ending, brought about by some super cool people at NZ Post.

It all began when I sat at my computer one evening, exhausted and fed up with my enormous workload, and decided to give myself to a yarn treat as a reward for all the long hours I had been doing.

Naughty (but nice) Alice had pointed me in the direction of Tanis, whom I had not really considered buying from before, but her rave comments about the yarn made me think, why not?

So, I selected a couple of super pretty colours and a couple of different bases, filled in my address (double-checking that the suburb was there… have lost yarn in the mail before because it possibly went to the wrong suburb and despite the best efforts of the post office, the mail was never found…) and sent off the order.  Went to bed.

Order confirmation was sitting in my mailbox the next day, but I didn’t bother looking at it.

Shipping confirmation came through a few days later, to which I thought “Great!  That was quick!” but didn’t bother looking at it.

A couple of days later, I thought I’d just read the confirmations.  My heart sank to the bottom of my toes and my blood ran cold.  Somehow, my street address was missing from the order!!!

In a panic, I emailed Tanis to ask if perhaps the order information did not contain all the address information?

No, unfortunately that was all I had entered.  Oh damn!  Oh horror!  In my paranoia checking that the suburb was right, I must had somehow deleted the street address.  Oh the anguish of a knitter who has lost a precious parcel of yarn!

I emailed NZ Post – would they be able to identify the package in the ‘undeliverable’ pile?  Only if there was a tracking number attached, came the apologetic reply.  Unfortunately, there was no tracking number.

Defeated,  I figured that would teach me a lesson for buying things when I was half asleep.  I resigned myself to waiting for the mail to chug all the way back to Canada, and then be re-addressed and find its way to me eventually.

And there the story may well have ended, except that a few days later, what should I find in my mailbox, but THIS!!

Tanis yarn

I nearly died of surprise.  How on earth had it got to me?  There was no redirection advice on the parcel, and the timing involved would have meant that the parcel went straight through the system until it got to my local postal centre.

The only conclusion I could come to was that my fabulous post man/local sorting room had somehow worked out where the parcel was meant to go, and delivered it!!!!  What superstars!!  Nothing else but human memory would have connected the dots so that a parcel addressed to me, in my suburb in Wellington, but with no street address information would actually find its way to my door.  Someone actually bothered to work out where the parcel should go and did not just toss it in the ‘don’t know, don’t care’ pile!

I had a very large smile on my face for the rest of the day.  It was a heart warming moment, all thanks to the amazing peeps at New Zealand Post.  Thank you guys, you are the best!!



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22 thoughts on “Too incredible… way to go NZ Post!

  1. That is awesome 😃
    Way to go New Zealand post 😍
    I must admit I adore NZ post because our local peeps are so good & in addition we have the. best. ever. RD posties without whom life outta town just would not be the same 🙂
    Enjoy your beautiful looking yarn. Will be great to see what it becomes & hear your thoughts on it.

  2. Mightily well done NZ POST. Don’t even get me started on the French post system. I don’t risk ordering yarn online given the experience so far with sent and not-received mail.
    A couple of things occur to me about your story……1) there is a knitter in NZ POST system who guessed it was yarn and made sure it got thru, and/or 2) you order sufficient quantities on line that the NZ POST people just remember you! Either way it makes me smile. Maybe they read your blog.
    And the yarn looks lovely too, you will enjoy knitting that up.

  3. Fantastic! Maybe the post office person was a knitter?! They’d have known what was in the parcel by the squish factor … Gorgeous gorgeous yarn! I am especially taken with the lavender hues 🙂 I haven’t bought from Tanis yet either … I’ll think about it again in the morning. X

  4. Now Wei, that is an uplifting story of my kind of human being! Someone who did their job (and does it well), did not take the lazy way out and toss it in a pile, three cheers for Post NZ! The yarn is yummy, now you can knit away! xoRobin

  5. Hoorah on successful yarn delivery. These are splendid colors.

  6. Yay for happy endings! I love it that someone must have recognized your order…

  7. So glad your wool arrived safely. I have had issues in the past with wool being incorrectly parcelled. The sender had too small a packet for the wool and the packet burst in a sorting office somewhere. It took many weeks for them to reparcel it at the post office and eventually send it on to me.

  8. yeah you must be a yarn-ordering NZPost regular! so glad you had ahappy ending.

  9. That’s fantastic! Too bad it’ll probably be impossible to track down the specific people who went above and beyond for you. Cookies and a glowing letter to the supervisor would be so justified.

    • I have written to NZ Post and asked them to recognise the team responsible, but it would have been nice to thank the specific individuals concerned myself!

  10. Glad you got your yarn, I have had a yarn parcel for me get lost recently 😦 NZ Post say they delivered it but I haven’t got it. And, I checked the letter box within half an hour of the time they said they had. Someone somewhere has my lovely yarn, wish it was me!

    • Poor you! That is awful. That has happened to me before as well, and it is a very sad feeling not to get the parcel that has been so eagerly anticipated. 😦

  11. Especially as it was some of Helene’s wonderful Happy Go Knitty BFL sock yarn – waaah!!