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Susanna and the Wacky Wednesday socks


I do rather feel like I have nothing to show for my knitting at the moment.  I also feel like I haven’t been doing much knitting, which is also true, in comparison to the usual amount of time I spend knitting. Fortunately, the busy season at work is winding down for a few months, and I am looking forward to exchanging “busy working” for “busy knitting”!

I’d like to share this “finished object” with you today though:


If there is one image that encapsulates why I knit, I think this sock would come pretty damn close.

This is Susanna, a free pattern from Stephanie van der Linden.  That lady is one talented sock designer!

At first, I knitted the sock on 2.25mm needles, getting the gauge suggested.

Susanna in Happy-go-knitty

I found the finished sock quite a struggle to put on, and was not happy with how it pulled slightly over my arch.

So I knitted the second in 2.5mm needles.  I figured that I’d rip one back, but I wanted the comparison.

The second fits beautifully.  The first fits too (one of the above socks is knitted on 2.25mm and the other on 2.5mm needles), but not as well as the second. The only other mod I made was to cast on 64 stitches instead of the 70 suggested (you then decrease down to 60 sts for the leg of the sock – I did not need so many stitches in the cuff to fit my leg).

The first sock is now a ball of yarn again, and I need to knit it back into a sock this week.  But I thought I’d show you now as it was an interesting exercise in gauge.

The ripping back is quite frustrating, especially seeing I have already ripped it back to the heel once before because I tried to knit it when I was tired, and ended up making a critical error.  Seeing the finished project makes it all worth while though.  You cannot buy a sock like that for the love of money, but I can knit one like that and in the exact colour and yarn that I choose.  It is a very satisfying feeling.

I love this design.  It is so ornately beautiful in my opinion.  I used Happy-go-knitty‘s 50/50 merino/silk fingering weight yarn to make this sock, in the Crushed Blueberries colourway.  It is not marketed as a sock yarn, but looking closely at it, and comparing it with other 5o/50 merino/silk yarns that have been sold as sock yarn, I felt that the base looked a very close equivalent and gave it a go.  I don’t know how long the yarn will last in a sock, but I don’t really care.  This yarn has given me what I’d call “lingerie for the feet”.  A beautiful sock, in a yarn that may not be suitable for tramping about in gumboots, but it’s not meant for that.

Unfortunately, Helene’s etsy site doesn’t have any of the 4 ply merino/silk that I used in stock.  However, if you email her I am sure she will be able to send you a picture of what she has available.

The second WIP I would like to show you today is for the young boy:

Wacky Wednesday socks

He came home this week with a notice that said that next Wednesday is Wacky Wheels day (the kids are allowed to bring their scooters and bikes to school and dress them up to look crazy in exchange for a voluntary donation to raise funds for the new school playground).  The kids were also encouraged to go completely wacky and come to school dressed wacky as well (the notice happened to mention the word “socks”).  Of course, the word “socks” was a magnet for my eyes, and having already got some of Stray Cat Sock’s wacky Winter Wonderland for the young boy very recently, felt that this was the time to knit them into socks!  One week should be plenty of time.  As you can see, I’ve already finished one, so the other should definitely be do-able for this coming Wednesday.  So much fun!







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16 thoughts on “Susanna and the Wacky Wednesday socks

  1. Oh wow. I love how you spaced the color on the heel. It’s perfect!

  2. Two fabulous pairs, love both of them – am sure the boy’s ones will be perfect for the day. Love the lace – love knitting lacy socks, currently making my third pair of for my daughter for Christmas. A great mindless lace pattern. Am going to have to make Susanna though, so pretty.

  3. You’re right, Stephanie van der Linden is one talented sock designer, but you are one extremely talented sock knitter!!! 🙂
    I love your strive for perfection, just starting your first sock again. I would do the same!
    Enjoy your weekend, hopefully a busy knitting one.

  4. Wow, fantastic stripes. They will do the trick for wacky wheels Wednesday. Love lacey Susanna too, will just pop that on my favourites to remember for future socks.

  5. How fabulous that although your productivity is in low gear at the moment, you can still produce these two fab pairs. Good on you!

  6. That is some intricate lace there in that purple sock. It’s lovely. The colorway for your son is a happy one.

  7. Beautiful! I can totally relate to ripping back and re-knitting as frustrating as that may be. Love the idea of lingerie for the feet – I’m going to use that!

  8. Two seriously fantastic socks! Those purple socks are super sexy. Love them.

    • Thank you Andi! I am super happy with the purple socks. Have almost reknitted the second sock, so it won’t be long until I can have them on my feet.

  9. That’s a really interesting experiment. I’ve often wondered how much difference even .25mm could actually make. It’s good to know that while not huge it is significant. Also I love the colour!

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