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One thing led to another


Reading the latest issue of Interweave Knits is a sure way to develop a major case of startitis.

Over in New Zealand, we get our issue quite a bit later than the US, so mine has only just recently arrived.  Winter and Fall issues usually make me feel like immediately abandoning whatever I already have on the needles, finding fresh ones and diving into my stash to see what sweater-weight quantities of yarn are hiding in there!

I’ve been thinking about doing some cabling lately, and all the cabled patterns in the magazine definitely added fuel to the mood!

I was very taken with the Quivira Coat… all those cables!  Ah, very nice!  Not so complex that I couldn’t knit it and not chat or watch TV as well… hmm, very tempting.  I loved the look the yarn gave the coat as well.  Off I went to my stash to see if I had any kilo lots of 100% wool yarn that I could use.  The pattern said I needed 11 x 100 g balls (2,475m) of worsted weight yarn for my size.  That’s a lot of yarn.

Many New Zealand DK weight wool yarns fit easily into the US worsted weight range (the pattern recommendation).  I estimate that Ashford’s 8 ply Tekapo would be a very good match.  I’m also thinking The Wool Co. 100% Corriedale. Or Skeinz’s Southlander.  Anna Gratton‘s 8 ply 100% wool will also do well of course.  But then, do I really need another knitted coat??  And do I have enough of any yarn without going out and buying more!?  Most of the sweater lots in my stash are 800gms or 1kg.  My guess is that 1kg will be fine, but the thought that ran through my head said I probably only had about 2,200m of any one yarn at most…oh gosh!!  What to do!?  I’d hate to run out of yarn, as I wouldn’t be able to find more of the same lot. There is also the matter of my already owning two knitted coats…  park the idea, and turn a few more pages.

The Cocoa Cardigan looks very sweet.  It looks like it needs to be knitted in something soft.  Like Skeinz’ Heritage Silver Lining Merino.  Add tab to magazine page for later thinkings…

I got very excited when I found the Matalina Pullover.  Nice neckline!  More delicious cables!  Being a light DK yarn, it is very easy to match alternative New Zealand yarns to this.  I could use a certain unbranded angora/merino mix that I have sitting in my stash.  Maybe The Yarnsister’s Willow, a beautiful merino/cashmere blend.  Or something possum (Zealana Rimu would be perfect for this one.  Or Mohair Craft’s Merino Possum Cashmere).  Did I really like that big panel of cables in the middle of the back though?

Having done its usual trick of whetting my appetite to knit cables and sweaters and all the things, I decided that I needed to feast my eyes on yet more cables on Ravelry. Did I not already have other cabled patterns queued and favourited?  I called up a search for cabled sweaters in DK or worsted weight.  Several clicks later, I found… this.


This is the pattern picture, courtesy of Potter Craft.

One would think with a shiny new magazine sitting in my hot little paws that I would be content. But no. I think the Leighlinbridge Aran (a design by Melissa Leapman) is simply beautiful.  It has all the cables I like in one design.  It is shaped, and flows.  I do love that neckline and the way the cable flows around it.  I can see myself wearing this one.  Plus I do need another winter sweater.

This is going to be good.

Leighlinbridge AranIn case you are wondering, I’ve decided to use the The Wool Company‘s merino possum in a colour I have had stashed for a while (Jewel).  It’s a heavy DK weight (definitely the same as an US worsted weight), and the same gauge as the original Berocco Ultra Alpaca, if not actually slightly heavier.

Merino possum haze

I love the soft halo of this yarn.

So out of practice with knitting sweaters am I that I kept looking at it and wondering if it was not too big for me?  In the end, I put an end to all the wonderings by measuring it against a current sweater:


It will be exactly the size I want, so I am obviously a little larger than I imagine.  🙂

It’s rather funny that the arrival of a fresh batch of patterns to knit resulted in me buying yet another (ahem), but I’m sort of pleased.  After all, how else would I have found a lovely sweater that is perfect for me to knit!?

Leighlinbridge Aran



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21 thoughts on “One thing led to another

  1. I had the same thought about Quivira, before I fell for the fuschia retro sweater with the cable medallion and tassel. Then I thought I mightneed to try my sweater hand at Tin Can Knits “Harvest” for my toddler before I try to cut my teeth (and blow my years yarn budget) on a 48″ cabled beauty as a first sweater!

    I loved the review, and encourage you to make it a feature. Are there any NZ publications that us knitters should be checking out? I read th UK’s “the Knitter” and would love a Southern Hemisphere take on the craft.

    • Quivira is so tempting isn’t it! As for your question about NZ publications. To be honest, I haven’t read any NZ knitting publications that truly inspire me to follow them, or are of the same calibre as the international mags. But that is my own opinion. It is hardly surprising though. We are such a small market here, compared to the overseas mags, all of whom are supported by large publishing houses and budgets.

  2. This possum yarn is beautiful.

  3. You’ve made a great choice, that pattern is lovely. I like the Cocoa Cardigan too, will have to fave that one. So so so many lovely patterns. I remind myself it’s a good dilemma to have……. What to knit? Happy cabling.

  4. Oh this is going to be a beautiful sweater! Love the yarn and all the details. Happy knitting this weekend, xoRobin
    PS. love the halo effect also

  5. What is the sweater you used to compare sizes…..i love that one!

  6. I have subscribed to Interweave Knits to that I get it the sameish time as people in the US. I have my eye on Cocoa as well. I would say that I don’t make anything out of most of the knitting magazines I buy – but they do sometimes inspire me to make something similar. I tell myself thats what all those knitting mags and books are for!

    • I subscribe too, so I do not understand why mine comes so late. It’s one of the great mysteries of life. I’m glad I’m not alone in owning magazines and books that I look at but never actually knit anything from! 🙂

  7. O wow, the Leighlinbridge Aran is nice indeed… And in that lush yarn..nom nom…
    As for the Quivira; couldn’t you alter it a bit to make it sort of a short, more tailored jacket that needs ‘only’ app. 2000m of wool ?

  8. What a fantastic colour! I can’t wait to see this knit up.

  9. Hearing about your down-under knitting publications makes me think it would be fun to do an exchange. Do you guys have any Aussie publications that don’t really get distributed elsewhere? I love seeing those things. I got a bunch of German language ones in an exchange last year, even though I couldnt read them

  10. Love the colour of the possum yarn , very cool . I’m knitting striped socks …on the mtr, on the bus ,on the ferry , …….lots of knitting opportunities here in hk ….. Oh and forgot to mention went to first hk ravelry meet up , it was fun!

  11. I love the colour and the patterns you “picked” as well. 🙂

    It must be weird for you though, mustn’t it? Getting all these pattern for very warm garments when it’s getting really, really hot in your part of the world?

    • Well, it’s a funny thing but I get all inspired to knit sweaters the minute it gets warm here! Also, it’s never that hot in Wellington. We usually have mild summers where a cardigan is needed in the morning and evening. I like it, and it means it’s never too hot to knit!