Weekend pottering

The year is drawing rapidly to a close, and I for one, am not sad to see it go.  It has been a very long year. It has been very busy.  The tree isn’t even up yet!  That will hopefully be remedied today, along with the long grass in the back garden and Christmas presents that still need to be sorted.

We did make time to see “The Battle of the Five Armies” yesterday. We decided to see it at the Roxy.  I like the cinema, with its art deco theme and very comfortable chairs.  It seemed fitting to see the last Hobbit movie there.


The cinema has been refitted by Weta Workshop with cool Lord of the Rings features, including a life-size sculpture of Gandalf outside.

The boy with Gandalf

We were delighted to find some Hobbit-movie features inside as well.

At the Roxy

This is one of the dwarves’ costumes.  If I remember right, it was Ori’s.  As you can imagine, I spent quite a bit of time examining the knitted scarf and gloves…

The movie was great.  I decided to forgive Peter Jackson and team for including the orc sub-story that had not been in the original book.

Now then, to knitting!


There has not been a whole lot of knitting.  Usually at this time of year things are getting a bit quieter at work, and there is more time for knitting, but this year will be frantic right up to the bitter end.   My place of work breaks for the summer on 19 December (in New Zealand the vast majority of employers enforce a two – three week annual holiday at this time of year).  At least I will have a few days after that to focus on Christmas preparations, and do enjoyable things like knitting.

However, I am making reasonable progress on two sweaters (I’m preparing for next winter – no point in knitting when it’s cold and you need to be wearing it, not knitting it!) The first is the Mattingley Jumper.  If you haven’t already noticed the book it’s in, go and have a look.  I found several patterns in there that I should like to knit, and as I have a somewhat generous alpaca stash, this is a good opportunity to use it up!  I am knitting the Mattingley in a naturally coloured charcoal alpaca in 80% alpaca, 20% polwarth wool (no brand – it came from a small alpaca producer who does not make yarn any more).

The second sweater is the Leighlinbridge Aran, which you’ll remember from my last post.  I am very much enjoying knitting it in soft, snuggly possum yarn.  The only thing I need to remember to do is to pause and look at the cabling every now and again.  Sometimes I make a mistake, and it’s easier to fix when it’s not so far down the fabric.

I love those cables!!!  I had forgotten how physically demanding a heavily cabled garment can be to knit – it is good exercise for the arms.


The autumnal-looking lace item in the top photograph is a scarf I’m designing and snatching a row or two on whenever I have a quiet five minutes and I don’t feel like wrestling with cables or a sweater in my lap.  It’s actually my ‘restful knitting’ project at the moment!  It will look lovely when it is done.  It’s one of those projects where blocking is definitely an essential part of the finishing process!  I’m using Anna Gratton‘s hand-dyed, 4 ply 100% wool in her Desert colourway.  It reminds me of autumn leaves.

There are also several pairs of socks lurking on the needles in various stages of completion.  I’ll save those for another post.

And finally, a bit of eye candy to finish the weekend!

Happy-go-knitty Luxury - merino cashmere nylon

I was so excited when these two beauties arrived!  This is a new MCN yarn base from Happy-go-knitty,  a high-twist, merino, cashmere and nylon mix!  Love!!  The colourways above are fuschia blossom and mango calla.  Helene doesn’t seem to have made any listings for them yet, but I am sure if you pop her a line she will tell you what she has in stock behind the scenes.

Wishing you all a good week and a restful weekend!



13 thoughts on “Weekend pottering

  1. Thank you for all your knitty posts this year, Especially appreciated is that you don’t miss, even though you’re so busy. I look forward to seeing many more of your creative projects next year.

    PS I don’t know how many of the socks you made this year have been given away, but if you you were to put all the ones you still have around you together, took a photo, and posted it here, I’d LOVE to see it and I bet lots of others would, too.

  2. Nice to hear about the Roxy, I like it there too. Looks like the weather is the Wellington version of summer! Good for knitting at least. Enjoy the last week of work.

  3. I considered all of those pics eye candy.. 😉
    You’ve got a good point there, in knitting sweaters before you need them, however I somehow didn’t find myself lured to sweater knitting in summer… So I’l still have to start, ahum, when official winter starts next week…. :-O

  4. This is going to be a beautiful sweater! 🙂 I love the cables and the light halo around the yarn.
    The Merinowool is also really pretty – very happy colours!

    I have to admit that I have skipped “The Hobbit” so far – I read the books of course, but I was really disappointed that Guillermo del Toro didn’t direct it, but Jackson would, because I’m not so fond of his work. Philipp watched it, though – and after he told me about all the changes in the first movie, I was ready that I didn’t go. 😉 Plus, I found it completely ridiculous to extend a middle-sized book into a three-movie blockbuster.

    But that might just be me … 😉

  5. those cables really stand out! I keep thinking I should be knitting for slightly warmer temperatures but must admit that the winter weight woollies are just so much more enjoyable to make.

  6. I love using the Wool Company’s possum yarn, it’s perfect for cables and I love how it wears, have several garments that must be around 5 years old, that still look good as new and they are worn often. Seeing yours makes me think that maybe my next project should be another sweater in it, using some of my rather large (ahem) stash.

  7. I know that you feel that you haven’t knit so much, but I’m still impressed with the large amount of knitting you fit in. Two sweaters? I wish I was working on just one.

  8. Are you knitting the cabled project from Supreme Possum Merino by chance? I recently finished a pair of fingerless cabled gloves (from your pattern) that are amazingly elegant and warm!

    1. It is The Wool Co. merino possum, very similar to Supreme. Supreme has merino/possum/silk, and is just that little bit more drapey (and dare I say, luxurious feeling) than the Wool Co.’s merino/possum yarn. Supreme is also a slightly heavier yarn. Just to be technical about it!

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