The sock escapades – count down!

It may look like I am doing an enormous amount of sock knitting in this post, but I think the reverse is truer.

Some of these projects have been on the needles for a very long time.  I am determined to get as many of them off the needles before the year ends so that I can a) add them to my year’s tally to see how well I did against my original expectations, and b) get on with newer and more exciting projects!  In terms of my original expectations, it seems that I have well and truly surpassed my original ambitions, and that pleases me a lot.  However, no harm in trying to surpass them to the fullest extent possible!

Now that I am officially on holiday for the next couple of weeks, let us see how we go!  (Seems that I am a deadline junkie – having no work deadlines to meet, it seems I must create one of my own.)

The Prancing Pony socks

These were a WIP until today, so I thought I may as well begin with a freshly finished pair. I love how the horseshoe detail goes all the way down into the heel.

Prancing Pony socks

These were the October sock for the Claire Ellen sock club. They have been on my needles about four times longer than most socks I knit!

Prancing Pony socks

The Prancing Pony socks have taken a while to complete for a couple of reasons.  The first is that this colour (Marmageddon – Knitsch 100% merino sock) eats light.  Unless I knit in full daylight, I could not see what I was doing!  The second is that they are quite tight.  The highly twisted yarn is also a bit of a challenge to knit in this pattern. It draws in on itself quite a bit – it’s a good quality in a sock yarn as I can be confident that they will stay well fitting.


The Swimming Pool Socks

Swimming pool socks

Normally I would have finished these during the minutes I waited for the young man to come out of school and during his swimming lessons.  For the last few months, there have been no minutes because I have been working full-time (and what time I have had I have used to knit the Pracing Ponies).  They are in a colourway called Sunday Picnic, by Soft Like Kittens, who no longer dyes (very sadly).

The possum socks

Possum socks

These are the eldest boy’s annual pair of socks.  Being plain vanilla, they are my least interesting to knit, but I know they will be appreciated and worn a lot once I finish them.  I know so because these are the replacements to a pair he has worn out.  They are in John Q Designer Earthware in a previous year’s colourway (Denim, I think).  This is a lovely 85% post-manufacturing recycled possum merino blends with 15% nylon, and very, very, hardwearing and also very warm.

The Halloween socks (or were)

All Hallow's Eve

The young boy loved this seasonal colourway (All Hallows’ Eve) from Stray Cat Socks.  So we got some.  It’s not Halloween any more, but I don’t think it really matters to him, as he’ll wear them regardless.

That’s three pairs of socks, all of which are varying stages of completion.  I should be able to do it.  I think… she says, as the siren song of another pair of cabled socks begins to form in her brain….

12 thoughts on “The sock escapades – count down!

  1. I can totally see why your sons will like their socks !
    Hope you’ll get enough knitting & relaxing time these holidays.
    And it reminds me; I should think about knitting goals… not too long before the new year, so I’d better make up my mind 😉

  2. I love them – all of them. The horseshoe socks are very nice lace, and love the colourful ones – these are beautifully dyed!

    I know that knitting gray socks in stockinette can be very, very boring, but sometimes, I love to knit them – especially when I have knit a ton of patterned socks before, then they can become a nice change.

    Good luck! It doesn’t look like they will take much more time. 🙂

    1. Thank you! You are right. The plain socks are often not very exciting to knit, but they do make a nice change, and it always makes up for it when the recipient enjoys wearing them so much.

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