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The year in socks


It has been quite entertaining to pull my 2014 socks out and review what I have done on the sock front this year.  I also feel that somehow, I have managed to learn quite a lot about sock knitting (and designing!)

2014 sock knitting

Not shown in this picture are seven other pairs which I have given away, two which were drying on the line, and three which I cannot show you until I know whether a certain publication has accepted the design.  Also not shown are two other pairs on the needles still being finished… and this the pair, which I finished yesterday and after I took the above photo:

All Hallows' Eve socks

All up, I seem have completed 36 pairs of socks this year (assuming I get those two other pairs finished).

When I set out my sock goals for 2014, I said I wanted to knit 12 pairs of patterned socks and four pairs of plain vanilla socks.  Against this goal, I have knit:

  • 12 pairs of plain vanilla socks (including two others still on the needles)
  • 24 pairs of patterned socks (including designing five pairs of patterned socks. One pair still under wraps)

Designed socks

  • All up, that’s 231% of I originally set out to do.  Aaaah!!!

I certainly did not think I’d knit that much, and if I said I’d knit 36 pairs at the start of the year, I think I would have felt more than intimidated at this number as an official goal.  Just shows what can be done when you are having fun!

During the year, the youngest boy decided he liked knitted socks, and so he got some too:

DSC01856 (1024x768)

There has been a big learning curve in sock knitting confidence.  When I set out to knit many of the socks you see below, I was more than worried I would not be able to knit the sock.  In fact, not so long ago, I would have said to many patterns, “there is no way I could knit that”.  I decided fear was not allowed to be a limiting factor, and I am glad I pushed my boundaries.

Patterned challenges

I’m particularly proud of these socks.

Claire Ellen socks

The unintended consequence of knitting all the socks is that there is now a small (ahem) issue with storage.

No space!

I’m going to have to rethink how my socks are stored!

Here is recap of sock patterns in case you would like to knit any for yourself:

  1. Smaug by Claire Ellen
  2. Cuff down Elementary Watsons by Sherry Menton (gifted)
  3. Oden by Mia Dehmer
  4. Snowflowers by Manuela Burkhardt
  5. Monkey by Cookie A (gifted)
  6. Cadence socks by verybusymonkey
  7. Rumpelstiltskin by verybusymonkey
  8. Hiya Hiya Peach leaf lace socks by Qianer Huang
  9. Hiya Hiya Arrow Lace Socks I by Qianer Huang
  10. Crenate by Rachel Coopey (gifted)
  11. Swanky School Socks by Sharon Jane
  12. Treebeard by Claire Ellen
  13. Anemone by me
  14. Seadragonus by me (x 2)
  15. Aster by me
  16. Selachimorpha by me
  17. #3 Bagshot Row by Claire Ellen
  18. Java socks by Cailyn Meyer (for the boy)
  19. The Sign of the Prancing Pony by Claire Ellen
  20. Susanna by Stephanie van der Linden

I guess you might want to know what yarns were featured here as well.  I used Doespins (lots of); Handmaiden Casbah; Knitsch 100% merino sock (lots of); Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock; Opal sock yarn; Regia sock yarn; Stray Cat Socks (lots of); John Q Earthware possum/merino/nylon and Jewel 100% merino sock; Sokkusu O; Bleating Art high twist merino; Happy-go-knitty; Noro Silk Garden Light and quite a number of other New Zealand yarns that are now very sadly no longer available.

Hmm.  Now I feel deflated.  There were so many more socks that I wanted to knit this year!

Eldest son walked in at this point of my writing this post.  I said “Do you think that’s a lot of socks?  I thought so, but now I’m not sure.”

Son:  “Yeah, that’s a lot of socks.  That’s 20 pairs!” (He was looking at the list above).

Me:  “Not really.  It’s 36 pairs actually.”

Son:  “That’s nearly 1oo socks!”

Me:   “No.  That’s only 72 socks.”

Son: “Well, it’s closer to 100 than 50.”

Me:  “100.  Do you think I could knit 100 socks next year?”

Son:  “Yes.”

Me:  “That’s 50 pairs!  I can’t do a pair a week!” (mind boggling)

Son:  “Yes, you can.  You just don’t want to.” (tempting the devil)

Me:  “Hmm…” (she senses a challenge, and is thinking about rising to it)

Let us see.  I’d like to knit 50 pairs of socks next year.  However, I think that realistically, 40 might be the more achievable number, assuming work commitments don’t get in the way. I also don’t want to make my knitting feel like a burden.  It is the thing I do to relax, and if I impose a hefty challenge to myself, would that kill the joy a bit?  Also, I think I need to knit a few more lace things and cabled sweaters.  And where would I put all those socks?  I suppose I could just knit exclusively for others… (family members begin to rub hands in glee).

I do have some thoughts about what I’d like to do with socks in 2015.  I shall tell you about that in a forthcoming post!

Do you have any knitting goals for 2015?


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36 thoughts on “The year in socks

  1. That’s an impressive number of socks. They look so cosy and comfortable all tucked up together in a drawer. I’m knitting my second ever pair right now; seeing your 2014 output gives me confidence that I, too, can do more this year than last. Thanks so much for all the posts during the year. Look forward to reading more from Kiwiyarns in 2015. Happy New Year!

  2. O wow…. I am deeply impressed ! And all the socks look awesome together.

    Now that I’ve learnt about your impressive goal for next year, too, I feel a bit lazy to admit that my set goal will be twelve pairs of socks. I do have some doubts though whether to set goals for the entire year of maybe go for monthly ones. The latter would make it kind of hard to aim at a certain amount of larger projects though. Well, still some days left to think about it…

    • I think it’s good to set a yearly goal because it does give you leeway if a month gets busy for some reason or another. I’m still not sure about making it a goal of 40 socks… perhaps 36 is better, then I have room for other knitting as well. 🙂

  3. Merry Xmas . I’m going to spend a few days on Cheung chau island and I’ll be bringing my stripey socks with me to knit . It’s so relaxing even though my progress is slow now that I’ve gone back to work . Think of you often and very impressed with your sock knitting !!!

  4. This post deserved a stand ovation! I think you should knit 100 next year, you can do it. 😉

  5. OMG, that’s a lot of socks! I’m knitting my first sock and finding it a tad overwhelming. Hoping to get to the point where I find knitting socks to be relaxing…

    • Welcome to the world of sock knitting! Do not worry – once the first is done, you will know what to do on the second. And once you try them on, like many other sock knitters before you, you will wonder why you didn’t knit them sooner!

  6. Yikes That’s a lot of beautiful socks!!! You are amazing Happy New Year, xoRobin

  7. You’re amazing! I managed my planned 12 pairs, but had been hoping for more: 2015, here we come!

  8. AMAZING….wow!…..not thinking about next year yet…still trying to finish things up this year…when I sit down next weekend to write my Year of Projects post 1…I’ll post my goals….

  9. Now you can treat yourself to some awesome storage. What an accomplishment! 36 pairs is a big number for socks.

  10. Well done! You’ve done really well here.

  11. Wow! That was quite an accomplishment!

  12. one of the good things about knitting socks is that they don’t take nearly as much storage space as a year’s worth of knitted jumpers and cardigans. Having said that, I still have not cast on any socks since that pair I finished early this year.

    • That is a point. I think my answer is that it’s time to start gifting more of my knitting. Apart from a couple of new sweaters for me, I think I have reached a certain level where more for me would just be greedy.

  13. That’s awesome!
    I have knit 16 pairs – 7 of them for others. 36 is … amazing. Congratulations! I think the nice think about socks is that you can swiftly increase your skills and try out new stuff. Even if you find that a particular technique or stitch pattern isn’t QUITE for you, you can still finish the socks if it doesn’t drive you crazy. A sweater would be a lot more tedious!

    I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! All the best from Germany (it’s SNOWING TODAY!!!!!)

    • You are quite right. That’s one of the great things I like about socks too! Enjoy the snow, and good luck with your own knitting adventures in 2015!

  14. 36 pairs is amazing!! Congrats to make it so far past your initial goal.

    Knitting resolutions for 2015:

    Knit colourwork or lace baby blanket for my newborn.
    Knit myself more socks, and darn the ones I currently have.
    Learn intarsia if it kills me, and the hubs, and the cats.
    Up my game in notions for swaps.
    Start and finish There and Back Again double knitted scarf in time for Hubby’s birthday. Christmas gift was pushing it for the timeline.
    Make myself a cable sweater.
    Make myself a colourwork sweater.

  15. 36 and all gorgeous! My somewhat mundane but if I get there I’ll be very happy goal is to finish all the unfinished items that are in the cupboard – projects past that need finality!

  16. Wow, 36 pairs in one year?! That is truly impressive AND inspiring. This made me go back and count, and I only finished 8 pairs (and still have 3 pairs on the needles). I’d already be happy if I can finish one pair a month next year. All your socks are so beautiful, I love the wide range of colours you used.

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  18. I didn’t even finish one sock this year. My goal for next year is to finish my one sock. 🙂

  19. Bloomin’ heck! That ís mightily impressive. They look gorgeous all together like that. I hope you feel very satisfied and proud of that accomplishment. I’ve enjoyed sock knitting this year but haven’t come within cooee of 36 pair. I am thinking of moving on to mittens and gloves as well as socks next year for my regular projects.

    • Well, you may not have knitted 36 pairs of socks, but you have knitted some incredible and very lovely colourwork sweaters! I figure they count for about 10 pairs of socks each!