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Dancing with lace, playing with leaves


We all know about blocking.  Sometimes I don’t agree with it.  I don’t think socks need to be blocked, for instance.  My view is that they block on the feet – why do they need a special blocking when they are just going to be washed and dried and unceremoniously hung on the line after each use anyway?

Lace, however, is a completely different story.  It begins with inspiration.

Anna Gratton 4 ply pure wool

The colour looked like autumn leaves to me – beautiful russet and brown tones.  Each different shading a delight to my eye.  I found a motif, and began to knit.

It starts off misshapen, like a newly hatched butterfly’s wing.

Lace in progress

It is lumpy and crumpled and looks like nothing very pretty.  It must be blocked to bring out its true form.

Unblocked lace

It is given a bath, rolled in a towel, carefully patted and pinned into shape.


It lies, quietly drying.


Like the butterfly’s wing, once in its true form, its beauty becomes apparent.

Now dry, it lifts off its mat…


Each motif clearly defined.

Leaf motif

It flutters gently in the breeze, a translucent work delicate stitches and fine, beautiful yarn.

The finished piece

I will not sear your eyes with a picture of me wearing it.  My old lumpy form does not do this prettiness justice. The fingering weight Corriedale wool is very light and soft and comfortable to wear.

It is a simple motif, needing no further embellishment.  Several attempts at putting on an edging were made and discarded.  In the end, I decided it was lovely just like that.

Pattern:  Leaf motif, scarf my own design.  I will get around to publishing it soon.

Yarn:  Anna Gratton Little Wool Co. 4 ply pure wool multicolour in Desert.

Weight:  100g

I must do more lace knitting in 2015.  It is very satisfying.

Playing with leaves in Anna Gratton yarn




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15 thoughts on “Dancing with lace, playing with leaves

  1. So incredibly beautiful! Can’t wait to get the pattern. I’ve got the perfect yarn for it. My mind just danced and floated through this post. Love your thoughts and photos. 🙂

    • I got inspired by the lace. 🙂 It really does make my heart sing! The pattern is a very easy one, and will be free. I will try to get it out very soon.

  2. Gorgeous! And such beautiful prose as well.

  3. Lovely scarf and I agree with you, lace does make the heart sing!

  4. Thank you for showing how important ‘blocking’ is when it comes to the finer yarns. I too am looking forward to your sharing the lovely pattern. It will be my first attempt working with a fine yarn and I can’t wait now! Simply beautiful. I will be visiting some yarn shops when I come over in April, such lovely wools to choose from. Thank you for your blogs.
    Shirl N.

  5. So beautiful ! I love the yarn and the pattern 🙂

  6. The scarf is beautiful, but the words were gorgeous…

  7. I’Ve watched a Monarch emerge and tentatively waft its wings to dry out, your analogy is perfect. I shall think of that in future when I’m grumbling about blocking.

  8. Blocking lace really does seem a bit like magic every time. Your scarf is lovely!

  9. Beautiful, Happy New Year!