What now, 2015?

I realised as I looked at the socks I have knitted this year, that I have a very definite preference for sock colours.  Mostly blue, green and purply tones.  Nothing too bright or shouty, nothing too unusual.

Is that me being very, very boring?  Most likely.

Maybe I just wanted the socks to tone with my grey and blue shoes (but then how do you explain the berry shades…?)

Perhaps it’s because they tone with my clothes (but then, how many colours don’t go with my usual uniform of blue jeans?)

That made me think that perhaps I could do something different with my sock goals for 2015.  Maybe I could do something about expanding my colour choices…

I had a shuffle in the stash, and brought out a few possible candidates.  How about this nice selection of New Zealand and overseas yarns for starters?

2015 socks?

This lot looks nice and pretty and varied!  Not too much green and blue, with a few more oranges and yellows thrown in there?

Let’s do a reality check.

Reality check

Aw man!  This is weird.  Have I just gone and done a ‘same old’?

“Mum, you are boring” said the youngest, so very candidly, over my shoulder.  “But then, you have knitted so many colours – maybe it’s hard to find anything different?” he continued, rapidly saving himself.

This is a concern!  I chose those colours because I knew I would knit them.  I do have other colours in the stash, but I know I would have an issue knitting some of them.  You know the colours that you look at and say “oh, that’s different!  Maybe I should break out of my usual colour preferences and be adventurous for a change?” The one that you then invariably end up frogging, because the more you look at it as you knit it, the more offensive it proves to the eye?  I’m going to have to be strategic with how I use them up.

I think the answer lies in knitting for others.  For in choosing a yarn and style for someone else, one does not reflect one’s own preferences, but that of the recipient (or, one hopes!) That will also be one way to keep knitting socks but not have an exploding sock drawer, or feel too greedy about one’s sock collection…

So, let’s try this one again, and start with…

Socks for others

Ah!  Better!  Each of these colours have been picked out with a person in mind.  Except perhaps for the one on the far right… that happens to be for me (see what I mean about blue, green and purply tones!?)

Therefore the goals:

  • Knit for others in 2015.
  • I will not be limiting myself to which patterns I knit because I know that the moment I say I will knit a or b, along comes c, d and e, all of which look so much prettier or more tempting!
  • Most of all, knitting must be enjoyable, because it’s what we do to feel good and to show our love for others.

How many socks to do I intend to knit?  I liked having a goal last year.  It made me focus on what I was knitting, so I think I will do the same for this year.

  • If I can knit 36 pairs socks of in 2015 as well, I should be very happy.  It’s not more than 2014 because I want to knit other things as well.  If I end up knitting more, then that will be a bonus!

I do have a very long list of sock patterns that I would like to design.  It could be a book.  The list sits in my notebook, with sketches and swatches.  The issue will be to find the time to finish the designs and knit the socks.   This requires more than just sitting in front of the TV and knitting, or snatching a moment here and there, which is what my current knitting time is composed of.  I hope I will be able to make some of them a reality, especially during winter, when work is slow and my hours are more regular.

Future sock designs

Here are a couple of the yarns, all ready and waiting.  Oh so much pretty in my head – oh to make it a reality!

So much for the socks.  As for other things to knit, I do want to knit more shawls.  Here is one I picked out this week:

Future shawl

This is a skein of Wollmeise that a dear friend gifted to me a while ago.  I have been hoarding it, waiting for the right project. At 150g, it seemed a waste to turn it into socks when so much would be left over.  The pattern is Imagine When by Joji Locatelli.  I saw a few beautiful Wollmeise masterpieces in this design when I was researching what to do with the skein, so I have decided to make a start!  I imagine it would also be beautiful in silk/merino or an alpaca yarn.  Maybe I’ll make more than one!

There are a few other shawls I think I’d like to tackle this year, now that I am confident with lace.  (It feels good to be  able to say that.)  Here’s a beginning list (which may change, knowing the vagaries of my mind):

  • Rosebud was a generous pattern gift from another lovely friend.  I will use more Anna Gratton 4 ply pure wool to make this.  Most likely, a beautiful Saffron yellow.

Anna Gratton 4 ply pure wool

  • I think Sail to Treasure Island would be fascinating in a fingering weight.  I’m envisaging more Anna Gratton, this time her merino/mohair in a gorgeous ocean tone. I just hope I will have enough yarn.  In bulky weight (the original yarn), you need 1990m.  I only have one skein of this (approx 800m), which I am fairly sure will not be enough. Perhaps I will find another similar skein at this year’s Wonders of Wool market?

Mohair merino by Anna Gratton

  • Dew Drops or similar has been long admired.  I will take a leaf out of another good friend’s book and knit this one in Zealana. Maybe something truly luxurious like Zealana Air laceweight?  Or some yak/silk from Happy-go-knitty?

Zealana Air

  • Cameo looks like a lovely little palate cleanser, and will be lovely in a soft drapey yarn.  I can just see it in some Zealana Kiwi laceweight.

Zealana Kiwi laceweight

  • Puck, a DK weight shawl is crying out to be knitted in Zealana Rimu – I can imagine it will be sooo lovely to wear in warm and snuggly possum! I even seem to have the exact colours! Plus I have always wanted to knit something by Boo Knits.

Zealana Rimu

  • Spellbound is another stunningly beautiful design by Boo Knits.  Her shawls are so pretty they bring tears of appreciation to my eyes.  This one would be so pretty as a summer shawl, I think in a silk/merino from Spinning a Yarn. I have two of these skeins, that should be enough.

Silk merino by Spinning a Yarn

So many shawls, so little time.  Can I tear myself away from all the socks to find the time to knit some of these pretties?


24 thoughts on “What now, 2015?

  1. Very ambitious….I have that orangey Opal and actually am working on it right now! Well taking a break to look at some blogs….I am making Hermione’s Everyday Socks with it…..and love the shawl ideas…..I’m still having issues with my socks not fitting correctly, but I’m still trying and learning as I go….finished a pair of toe up in worsted today, they fit pretty well…but I have skinny calves….

  2. My goal this year is to finish the socks I have been working on for the last two years…. Since you’re knitting for others, I like YOUR colors, you know, just so you can knit them AND give them away??? 😉

  3. Happy New Year , and very best knitting wishes for 2015. You have put together a very inspiring list, I’m still percolating on mine……have to check out some of the possum yarns while I am here (in NZ) before I finalise the “backbone” list.

    1. Have a great time checking out the possum yarns! You are sounding very strategic about your choices! I think whatever you choose to knit in 2015 will be fantastic.

  4. I’m working up a cowl for myself based on your Seadragonus sock scales, so design away–you have a gift for matching texture with the variegation that is so beautiful in sock yarn without obscuring either color or texture. I can’t wait to see how it goes, and add to my sock collection along the way. Happy new year?

  5. What a wonderful list and it’s always so lovely to set out the goals at the start of the year. I’m part of a group on Ravelry which combines a set of goals with blogging you might be interested, some run their year from Jul to Jun (that was when the group started) but we do have a number of people who run their lists and goals from Jan to Dec http://www.ravelry.com/groups/a-year-of-projects either way I wish you the best of luck with your list and goals.

  6. I just can’t imagine knitting as much as you knit. I feel like a little child looking up at wonder woman and wondering if I’ll ever be like that… 😉 I started knitting socks last January, and I’m trying to finish my 8th pair before the year ends. I’ve given away 5 pairs of those socks, so I plan to keep some that I knit this year. As far as color goes I love blues and grays, but I haven’t knit any of those colors yet… That’s odd. I’m excited to see what you do this next year. You are such an inspiration!

    1. If it’s any consolation, I did not knit much else apart from socks last year. They seemed to be my ‘No.1 stress buster’ as a friend put it. Eight socks in your first year of knitting socks is very good going! Before you know it, you’ll be popping them off the needles in hardly any time!

  7. Oh my, 36 pairs?!?! That’s incredible! And we have quite similar tastes in shawls and colors, I think, I love every pattern you’ve chosen and covet all your green/blue/purpley socks!

  8. I understand why you’d be drawn mostly to blue, greens and purples. I tend to do the same thing, but sometimes I ‘force’ myself to make socks in a different colour, because I like the idea of one day having a sock drawer full of hand knit socks in all the colours of the rainbow.

  9. I’m very impressed with the socks (number and pattern range) that you knitted in 2014. I have to admit that my sock drawer looks even more monochromatic than yours – greens and blues and a touch of purple and improving that will be my aim for 2015. I love the shawls you’ve chosen too – and you have beautiful yarn lined up for them! Happy New Year!

    1. I am glad not to be the only one with a largely green and blue sock drawer. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing all your lovely projects in 2015! Happy New Year!

  10. Did you knit ALL those socks in the baskets? Wow!!!! And your 2015 goal is no less ambitious. All the colors look great. Knit to your heart’s content. Have a great new year!

  11. These wooly pictures are beauuuuuuuutiful …. yum … I like both stashes and if you have favourite colours, it’s great that you have the wool for them! I end up knitting in “colour phases” – lots of blue projects, lots of red ones … At the moment, I seem to have a purple phase and somehow I never and up knitting my really favourite colours. 😉

    Looking forward to seeing some of your sock patterns! I checked out the shawls you plan to make and they are all gorgeous. I seldom knit lace, but when I do, I always think “you have to do that more often” – it’s so addicting, knitting this fine, fine fabric and then watch it bloom (which is a very appropriate verb for it!!)


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