A new chapter

Moving day

Happy New Year folks!!  Today, I should like to tell you about a very exciting thing that has been happening in the background, that I can now reveal.  I am about to embark on the next chapter of my life:

Long time readers of my blog will remember that once upon a time, I lived for a while in the country.  I haven’t got any of those pictures on my current laptop, but the below picture is from one of my designs, and you can see it there.  It was a heavenly place to live, and the young boy and I liked it very much.

There were chickens to play with, sheep and cows and horses to look at, and lovely bracing walks to go on.  The weather was wild, and the landscape inspiring (especially when it came to designing!)  The seasons became intimate markers of time, and observation of and interactions with animals and plants truly connected us to the natural world.  I felt like I had finally found my place.

Country lifeWe had to move back into the city, the main reason being that the eldest son, who joined me while I was living there, could get to school on time.   So for the past three years, my view has been this:

City view

It’s a nice view.  We look on to the country, but are not in the country.  It has been a bit torturous to look out at those hills, wishing I was in them, and not looking at them.  However, the move was for a good reason, and I do not resent it.

Plans have been brewing for a while to get back to country living. Now that the eldest boy has left school and is about to begin his own new chapter with a new life at university, those plans could be put into action.

We move very soon, and the house is increasingly looking like this:


As each day passes, my spirits lift with excitement just a little bit more!  Each day brings us closer and closer to the new home!!!!

It is good that I found a house in time so that I could move during my annual holidays.  This means that the moving process has been more leisurely than if I had to cram it into just two or three days.  So there has still been time for a little bit of this:

Imagine When

and a little bit of that (these will be a full toe version, not the yoga version):


They make nice rest breaks.  And there has still been time to do some fun things with the boy, including his 11th birthday party, trips to the movies and the beach and play dates with friends.

A day at the beach

However, I must get my A into G a bit more as the Big Day rushes ever closer, and there are still a million things to do.  It’s the sorting out of old things and the “do I keep this?” that are most time consuming.  It is a good time to get rid of clutter though!

I am incredibly excited that the thing that the young boy and I have wished for the most in the past three years is finally about to become a reality.  I could not say it would happen until only recently, as I wasn’t sure where the best place to go was, and once the place was chosen, accommodation was hard to find.

This is just the beginning, and I hope that other things I aspire to accomplish in 2015 and onwards will also happen.  I won’t say what they are here because I don’t know if they will eventuate yet, but at least we start the year with great optimism and hope!

So again, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I wish you every success with your own endeavours and plans for the year!




42 thoughts on “A new chapter

  1. That’s great news. I hope the big move goes well & you can sort your new house & keep knitting too. 11 years old – amazing isn’t it. Mine is off to intermediate this year.

  2. I hope it all goes well for you. Remember to ground yourself throught the chaos with thoughts of a stitch here and there. The works in progress look very interesting… and remind me that I spent a lot of hours yesterday Ravely trawling looking for the ‘perfect shawl’ for Outlaw Bohemia sport and Vanitas DK SABLE.

  3. I know that feeling of wanting to be in the right place! Congratulations and may I wish you the best of good fortune in your new home and for the year. I am enjoying following your blog!

    1. I’ve had a bit of practice over the years – I have lost count of the number of times I have moved both house and country. With only a few days to go, I am starting to feel slightly less in charge, but am hoping that I can power through! Thank you for your lovely words.

  4. May all go well with your move, may you and your family find contentment and success in your endeavours, and may you have a wonderful year.

  5. Oh my gosh that scenery looks wonderful. If there were two places I could retire to they would be either Tasmania or the south island of New Zealand. I visited NZ in 2006 and did a two week coach trip through both islands and I absolutely loved it. I’ll also be cruising around NZ in April this year and am so looking forward to visiting some of those places I fell in love with when we have shore breaks. I live in Brisbane, Qld where it never gets very cold so I don’t get to wear all my knitted goodies too much. Good luck with your move.

  6. What a great start to the year and I’m very excited for you as I know you have been yearning for the country. Happy New Year to you Wei Sue, I hope 2015 brings you joy and many blessings xx

  7. That’s very exciting news, how lovely to be starting the New Year with such a positive move. The countryside is so beautiful, I’m going to be envious of all that space and big sky. Good luck with the move, heaps of good vibes coming your way.

  8. Good luck with the move. What a great start to the year! Just make sure you get 11 year old boy to school on time!! 🙂 happy new year.
    Bimbi x

    1. Thank you for your well wishes! School is close by, and does not start until February as it is our summer holiday time here. I am hoping he will enjoy it there.

  9. Congratulations! It’s great that you can live in a truly happy place again. 🙂 I’ll keep my thumbs pressed for you both that the move will be as smooth as possible!

    And I love the colours on your new projects … 🙂

  10. All the best for moving day.
    Nothing as motivating as achieving a major goal. After 14 years I recommend NZ rural living. Look forward to seeing some pics of your new place xx

  11. I’m so pleased for you. Really really pleased. I remember the move well. I have a little something I’d like to post to you. I’ll email you xx

  12. I’m so happy for you and I do hope all goes as planned. You seem like the countryside would be your true love! Be thinking of you, xoRobin

  13. I’ve been following your blog for some time now, enjoying your perspectives on life, the universe, and the knitter’s art. How wonderful to see that you are “going home” to the place you love. I have just done that myself, after many years and lots of packing for moves that didn’t go to quite the right place. It’s worth it to persevere! Remember to unpack and make your bed first thing, so you have somewhere to fall at the end of your first day in the new house. As you’re packing, remember that every odd space in a box can be filled with a ball of yarn or two. Remember to mark the box with your needles in Big Letters…

    All the best!

    1. Thank you for your very wise advice! It is heartening to hear your understanding thoughts on moving as well. As for the knitting needles, I have a feeling that box will be travelling in the car with me… paranoid? Moi? Perhaps a little!

  14. I am so glad for you and envy you at the same time -are you staying in the north island or shifting to the main island . Wherever it is I wish you the best .
    I am going home to West Melton in Feb. for four months of walnut harvest and hope to visit Wellington as well – and the yarn shops like Holland road and of course Ashburton . I will think of you.

  15. I’m so, so thrilled for you! Must catch up properly soon …. I’ll drop you a line this week. In the meantime, happy packing & playing. xx

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