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The country life


A while back, I discovered another New Zealand indie hand dyer.  Meraki Studios is very likely known to many of you already – I see she has a healthy following.  I had not quite got around to mentioning her here yet, but today is the perfect time.

Because I am in love with all things country, and I have actually been wanting a skein of sock yarn of this exact colouring (sun bleached grass seeds or driftwood, was what I had in my head), I was super excited to find Rolling in the Hay!  What a knack for giving the perfect name to colour!

Rolling in the Hay, meraki studiosDoesn’t it look just like its namesake?

BFL nylon sock yarn

The yarn is an imported base – 80% Blue Faced Leicester wool, 20% nylon.  I think it needs to be knitted into a cabled sock.  Perhaps something reminiscent of the grass seed heads that I adore.

Long country grass

This is the edge of a field that has been recently mown for hay.  You can see the long grass border with bountiful seed heads, of which I could not resist taking a photo!

My photos have a soft, hazy look at the moment because I’m spending much of the day at work and do not get home until dusk.  I absolutely love how this picture has turned out as it truly captures what I see.

Country fields

The moment I get home, I rush to go back outside, cup of tea in hand, to potter around and breathe in the country air, water the vegetables, pull up the weeds, examine the signs of bird activity in the garden (they are busy gobbling all the plums, but I do not mind), feel the breeze in my hair and gaze at this wondrous landscape.  Instead of a watercolour to admire on my wall, I have the real deal to look at and be in!!!

The cat impatiently waits at the door for me too, wishing I would hurry up so he can go out and race excitedly around with fluffed up tail, sniff everything and climb all the trees. He is still afraid of that big outdoor world though, and needs the security of my company at his side before he is willing to explore.

I just love the colours that I see at the moment.  It is the height of the dry summer, and everything is soft green/golden yellow toned, mixed in with the darker green of the evergreens and other trees, and splashes of flower colour.  It doesn’t take much for the grass to green up again though – once the late autumn rains come, there will be something new to look at!  And I cannot wait for the first time I see this field in full frost!

People who live up the road go by regularly, enjoying walks of their own.  Soon, I will do that too, and then I shall have more to show you!

First, it is time to go back outside and sit on the deck and wind down for the day with a bit of knitting!

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18 thoughts on “The country life

  1. Wonderful views. I can envision you doing that, outside with cup in hands breathing in the air. Thought of you on Monday. A knitting group mate was talking about STITCHES West and New Zealand yarn she wants to buy Thursday evening. I forget the brand though.

  2. Your views are beautiful ! Hope you get to spend many hours of outdoor knitting and walking and the lot.

    The yarn is gorgeous, and good thing it has a bright white label, or it might get lost in it’s namesake 😉

  3. What a beautiful post! It made me escape from a windy, wet and dark january in Belgium for a while! Thx!!!

  4. Gorgeous surroundings! That yarn is perfect for you and your new life, the name is perfect and the color is simply stunning. I think a pattern with cable or seed like texture would look wonderful. Your writing seems happy, as I think you feel. xoRobin

  5. Sounds like you have found your sanctuary. Congratulations. I have enjoyed reading about your journey. Do you have to work in Wellington? Do love that wool and look forward to seeing your project knitted in it. The Wairarapa has a lot to offer and I hope you and your son thrive 🙂 I guess there will be lots of wonderful country markets in the towns and districts near by. I live in the Waikato.Very hot at the moment. Shirley

  6. The yarn suits the surroundings so well. I love it.

  7. Living vicariously through your postings of New Zealand ourdoors…from my home and outdoor weather of frigid temperatures zero degrees Fahrenheit in state of Ohio , USA. Great weather to stay indoors and knit however.

    • I have to say I am envious of your snowed-in weather. Although it is lovely to wander around in short sleeves, it is not exactly comfortable knitting weather.

  8. Great photos and I look forward to seeing what kind of sock grows out of this lovely yarn!

  9. Oh my gosh – I kept clicking on your blog in my favorites and somehow it was stuck on a post from November about the “simple hat”, which I loved. Today I wondered what happened to you and clicked “home”. DUH. It seems that I’ve missed quite a bit – all of it beautiful and exciting. Your knitting is spectacular and so is your new home! I love the chicken nest! Happy homecoming. Kathy

  10. Oh, you are making me very jealous with your beautiful views and happenings in the country. Enjoy!

  11. Beautiful surroundings to get home to, the yarn blends right in.

  12. More! More!