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“About her feet in wide vessels of green and brown earthenware, white water lilies were floating, so she seemed to be enthroned in the midst of a pool.” (Lord of the Rings, Chapter VII)

So this pattern was introduced in homage to Goldberry, daughter of the River, and I decided to have some fun with the theme…

Withywindle socks

I slipped these babies on, and instantly my sock knitting mojo returned in full force!!


What is it about a finished sock that causes such a thrill!?

The pattern, Withywindle, is absolutely perfect for highly variegated yarn, just as Claire Ellen intended.  I really love what the stitch pattern has done to the colours.

Stitch detail Withywindle

The pattern is intended to be for yoga socks, but because I don’t do yoga, I converted them into normal socks.  My mods:

  • I put toes on the socks.
  • I may have added one more repeat of garter stitch after the single ribbing.  I just liked it, no particular reason.
  • I made the heel a “sturdy heel” (slip one, knit one).
  • I did not repeat the garter stitch section before the toe.

The yarn is in the colourway Plumberry Ambrosia, a merino/nylon base from Needlefood, which is sadly no longer in operation.   For comparative purposes, you can see it here in the skein, along with the other two colours I got with it.  I remember the day I received this yarn.  The package came in the mail just before I left for work, so I took the skeins to work with me rather than go back into the house and leave them there.  I photographed them bright and beautiful in the early morning sun while waiting for the bus to arrive.  I wonder what people thought!?  😉


I am pleased to say I have now knitted all of these skeins into socks.  The skein on the left became Monkey and the skein on the far right became the first socks I ever knitted – plain vanillas.

I am glad I have found the perfect pattern to do the final skein justice!


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21 thoughts on “Withywindle

  1. I’m still hoarding my Plumberry Ambrosia as well as a couple of others, a few things in the queue before that though.

  2. Beautiful socks! I’ve just finished the first sock from a pattern in a little book a friend gave me. The pattern is called Lealt Socks and I actually found it on Ravelry. Can’t wait to finish the second one. I was actually having sock knitting withdrawal symptoms. A bit sad I know. As I sit here in Brisbane with sweat running down my back as it is sooooo incredibly humid, I cannot believe I’m knitting socks!!

    • That’s a very pretty pattern that you are knitting. Totally understand the sock knitting withdrawal thing! 🙂 And although it’s not too humid here, I can sympathise with the sweating thing… the Wairarapa is definitely much warmer than Wellington!

  3. Oh! Such nice colors and some magic in the pattern 😉

  4. The socks look awesome !
    I guess the people at the busstop thought : ‘wow, lovely yarn…. would the lady leave a skein here for us ?’ 😉

  5. The socks are exquisite! xoRobin I don’t think you ever lost your mojo !

  6. They are truly beautiful. It’s so great that there are patterns even for variegated yarn! The colorus are beautiful …
    Although “Lord of the Rings” was tedious to read (I had to start “The Return of the King” three times until I could finish it), I loved the scenes with Tom Bombadil and Goldberry and was FURIOUS when I found out that they don’t feature in the films!!! Grrrrr …..

    The yarn is lovely and lovely and lovely. The colours are brilliant! Keep up the good work! 😀

    • I found Tom Bombadil a happy mental respite after the darkness of the chapters before (and after!) It is a shame they were not included in the movies, but I guess it makes sense as they don’t really add to the overall theme of the book.

  7. Wow, these socks are so beautiful! The yarn colorway is lovely. It’s too bad it’s no longer available ):

  8. The second shot is spot on with the quote. Very cool how you were inspired.

  9. I think I found my next pair. Those socks are just amazing and with that yarn they are even better. I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you put them on !

  10. these are so beautiful!! the pattern & the colors 🙂