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I feel like I’m only getting to peek at my knitting these days.  I’m trying not to get frustrated.  Work is only going to be busy for so long, and then I should be able to have quality time back again.  In the meantime, my yarn looks at me accusingly.

I have been a very lucky girl.

Doespins yarn

Housewarming present.  Naturally dyed yarn!!!!!  Drool!!! The colours are much more vibrant that my camera has allowed me to show.  I am much looking forward to turning them into pretty socks (or maybe a shawl).  I was particularly excited by the far right skein – it is dyed with indigo.  I love, love, love, the semi-solid look of this colour. It’s a bit like faded jeans.  Doe will be bringing these to the market soon.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the other pretty colours she has produced!

Maniototo Wool

And another housewarming present!  So spoilt!  Can you tell from just looking at it that it is Maniototo Wool? It’s that gorgeous bounce and soft ‘touch me’ look to the wool that gives it away. This season’s yarn includes a DK weight. There is more twist to this yarn than last year’s DK spin.  I foresee some happy knitting times coming up.  If I can be a good girl and finish the sweaters I have in my WIP basket, I would like to knit a sweater in this yarn.

I also have a heap of something delicious piled up next to me that I want to swatch and tell you about.

The Fire Flower sock pattern is done, but I’m fussing over it.  It will be out very, very, soon.  Promise!

And then I need to write up Dancing with Leaves.  I managed to lose the draft in the move (it had not got to typed stage yet, darn!) but it is a simple pattern, so I don’t think it will take me too long.

So much to do, so little time to do it in!  As the young boy remarked recently, “Time in the Wairarapa flies!”  It can do me a favour and slow down a bit please!

And as if the above wasn’t enough yarn, this was my housewarming present to me:


Anna Gratton 4 ply 50/50 merino/mohair in the Mango colourway.  The merino/mohair base takes colour beautifully – it really does look like a mango in my opinion!

I couldn’t help myself, and also added some Chilli Chocolate (this one is a 400g skein) to the collection.

Anna Gratton Chili Chocolate

If there is no time to knit, there is definitely time to buy! (erk!)




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21 thoughts on “Peeks

  1. Now I am drooling over my keyboard… .

    I would not “waste” the doespin yarn on socks – they look like the perfect skeins for a Color Affection Shawl to me 😉

    Enjoy looking at the skeins, petting them, and then knitting them up into something gorgeous!

  2. Lovely, and all well deserved. That blue with its faded-shaded denim look is wonderful.

  3. Oh wow. You are quite lucky. I’m hoping to add to your luck real soon. As it turns out, getting married is a full time occupation. Only 2 and a half weeks to go!

  4. I often find that no time to knit equals a lot of yarn shopping — here’s hoping things settle down soon so you can play with these beauties!

  5. Oh my you are a lucky girl! Love all the skeins…..have fun!

  6. Lovely gifts to warm a new home and a heart! Work is such a four letter word!

  7. Yarn candy! I love, 💓 that green. The ones you treated yourself to are appropriately named.

  8. Drool, drool!! The colors of that natural dyed yarn look amazing, how fantastic must they be in reality if your camera is not showing off their REAL beauty?
    I’m curious to see what yarn you will pick first.
    Wish you some real time to yourself really soon!!!!

  9. Drooling over all your Yarns. However I have some beauties coming my way from Anna Gratton. Looking forward to see what you knit with all of these.

  10. I”m always sorely tempted by the look of Anna Gratton’s mohair blend years. But I can’t wear mohair. The boy is willing to wear mohair but only if it’s black and comes in the form of a punk jumper…

    • I don’t know if you can wear her 4 ply 100% wool? She does the same colourways in that yarn as well, but of course the different fibre composition makes the colour turn out slightly differently. Worth a thought though?

  11. Isn’t that always how it happens? You have the yarn but no time to knit or vise-versa. Hopefully time with be nice and let you play with some of that gorgeous yarn soon.

  12. Drooling from afar … I am trying so hard not to add to my stash. The sweater I finished for Thor was from beautiful yarn I bought 20 years ago! One down, 37 more to go … 🙂

  13. Lovely yarns ! Hope you’ll soon have time and rest enough to knit it up !