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The art of appreciation


I want to start this post by acknowledging your very kind thoughts and wishes and support of the Fire Flowers socks.  It has been very encouraging.  Thank you very much!  It means a lot to me to know that my designs are liked.

Today, I thought I’d talk about a wee situation I have been having stern talks with myself about.

Me1:  “Being saddled to a desk has got to be one of the most effective ways to generate impulse buying.  Up pops an email from a favourite yarn retailer, you see a very pretty yarn looking at you/in a moment of needing some mental relief, one decides to visit a favourite indie dyer, and… oh look!  Such pretty colours!!….and before you know it, out comes the credit card and…”

Me2:  Stop!! Stop!!  This where one needs to look away!!  Close the browser!! Put away the credit card!

Me1:  [Sigh].  “I am feeling virtuous because I did just that, and have saved myself from buying yarn that I do not need.  I have so much yarn now that I really must knit some down before I make any more purchases!  I think it would be an insult to the yarn producer to keep buying and just not make anything from it.  Especially because I love to support independent yarn producers and New Zealand yarn manufacturers of quality yarns.  And support means using and enjoying as much as buying!  This does not stop me from dreaming about more yarn, and coveting more yarn that I see online, but no!  I must be firm, and do more knitting from the stash!”

On this vein, I have been very good and agreed with myself that rather than wanting more yarn, how about using what I already have? Yarn that has already been obtained from coveted suppliers??

Finishing some WIPs would be a good place to start.  I persevered with knitting Imagine When.  Garter stitch is not one of my favourite stitches.  But look, now I have a pretty new shawl to wear!

Imagine When shawl

Such a beautiful colourway!  It is Amazonas from Wollmeise, a beautiful gift from a good friend.

A cute boy decided to do a bit of photo bombing…

Imagine When 2

I haven’t done a great job of following the pattern exactly.  I found that my brain is definitely attuned to reading charts, and following this written pattern was supremely difficult. Too much has been going on and my concentration levels have been focused elsewhere.  Looking at where I deviated from the pattern, I see that it was at the time that I moved house.  It has turned out basically the same, and that will be fine as it is still wearable, and is still in line with the essential parts of the pattern.  No one can tell at all where it is different unless you hold up the project against the pattern picture and compare closely.  But that is not going to happen!  Hehe.  Doesn’t it feel fantastic to get a project off the needles!

Now I am free to focus on The Falls of Rauros.  This is Claire Ellen’s February sock, and it’s another one of her master pieces!  My initial reaction was to choose a blue yarn for this sock, but then I thought about the colour of a waterfall, and it is generally a silver colour.  Like this:


I love the Lord of the Rings references in Claire’s socks.  Living in the land of the Lord of the Rings scenery makes it so easy for me.  😀  So I chose a classic colourway from Knitsch – Silver Lining – for this sock.  Pics will come when there is something to show.

Also, I am going to make a very concerted effort to finish Robin as soon as I can.  It is rumpled from sitting in its project bag, and lacks just a small bit for the hem and sleeves.  I can feel that Autumn is just around the corner, and it would be nice to have a new piece of knitwear to wear this season, especially in Zealana Kiwi!


Next off the block, I will finish the Leighlinbridge Aran.  As you can see, it is another beautiful possum yarn from The Wool Company.  People tell me it will be cold here in winter.   I do remember seeing much colder night temperatures for the Wairarapa on my weather forecast screen when I lived in Wellington, so I will believe it, despite the fact that the concept of cold seems a distant memory at present.

Leighlinbridge Aran

Such beautiful yarns.  It’s an insult not to finish the project right?



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12 thoughts on “The art of appreciation

  1. So much virtue is very admirable. I sympathise, because last year I had to diecide not to buy any more yarn for the foreseeable future, lest my stash beome a stable. I do look forward to seeing photos of your finished projects, especially the Leighlinbridge Aran. And Robin – interesting especially because I’m in the planning stages of a multi-coloured project in this yarn. Whoops – only after I finish my Juneberry cardigan and my Mitred cape, of course. And the socks for the eldest boy, and the man wants another winter jumper in JohnQ Earthwear. (That’s a huge amount of knitting!) And my heart calls out, I just want to knit pretties!

  2. I just, on my very recent shopping spree bought yarn and needles (I oddly didn’t have that size) to knit the fire flower socks. As soon as I finish two bigger projects on the go right now. Love the pattern!

  3. That green is wowza! Definitely Queen of the Amazon vibe. I’m not found of v-shaped shawls but that design… just may get faved and added to my pin board.

  4. Totally love this green yarn !!! 🙂

  5. The shawl is gorgeous ! That green looks good on the boy, too ( I hope for you he isn’t that much into shawls 😉 )
    As for luring emails – I got me gmail account just for that, and while working at the desk, I only have my ‘regular’ email account going…

  6. Your shawl’s gorgeous and I’m keen to see your jumpers finished. I love the colours of your Robin and your aran looks like it will be lovely and cosy.

  7. Your story really resonated with me today. I, too, spend a lot of time in front of the computer and have bought so much wool that my stash is now spread across two rooms (check out my blog if you don’t believe me 🙂 ). I love supporting independent Aussie artisan hand-dyers as they produce such scrumptious yarns for people like me to buy. One in particular (Shorn Fibers) came to my local spinning camp last September and I bought heaps of her yarn. She’ll be back at our Redlands Spinners & Weavers Open Day in June this year. I’m too scared to think what I might buy!! I also have a number of WIPs which I simply must finish but I have to be in the mood for that. I am hoping that it will be cold when I cruise around NZ in April. Please tell me this will be the case; at least in the south island. I need to wear all the scarves, hats and socks and I’ve made.

  8. I too easily succumb to the temptations of the computer screen, however I am going through a patch of ill health and cannot currently work. With no income, I know I cannot use the family budget to satisfy those yarny urges, especially with a stash of SABLE proportions, so am ‘shopping from my stash’ for projects to keep my hands busy and have made some interesting discoveries of forgotten beauties. I know I am going to feel even better when the stash has reduced in size and I have room to store new purchases again in the empty space I create once I return to work.

  9. The color of that shawl is absolutely stunning!

  10. I’m sure the yarn suppliers don’t care if you never use their yarn – surely you get lots of pleasure just from looking at it and stroking it!

  11. Your shawl is stunningly beautiful and your little model is adorable! I too have the internal fight with myself over purchasing new yarn, scrapbooking supplies, fabric etc. etc. I committed myself this year to cleaning up my really old WIPs and knitting out of my stash as much as possible. So far I’ve frogged one old WIP and bought new yarn twice because I didn’t have the right yarn in the stash. The year is still early.

  12. Wow, you’ve got a lot of knitting happening! I have the same problem with written patterns, especially if the directions are long, I always lose my place. I need a picture, sum it up with some symbols! Your shawl is great, though. And who hasn’t had that same discussion with themselves nearly every day regarding impulse yarn? GUILTY.