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Now you can dance with leaves


Fingers were finally put to keyboard, pattern was written, and photography happened… I have finally managed to write the pattern for Dancing with Leaves!

Dancing with Leaves scarf

This is to give you an indication of width.

Dancing with leaves

I quite like to wear it like this.  It has become a bit of a favourite!

Dancing with Leaves 2

Instructions for a wider width are included, so that you can make it a wrap size to be just a bit snugglier for cooler weather – it will be a nice shoulder warmer too.  There is enough yarn in one 200g skein of Anna Gratton’s 4 ply (fingering weight) 100% wool yarn for the wider version.  The one that you see here uses only 100g (about 416m/456yd).

I am even toying with a DK version, as I crave a heavier lace wrap in a beautiful naturally coloured 100% wool (it’s called wishful winter thinking).

DK weight lace

A version of this pattern is free with yarn purchase from Anna Gratton (if you are in the Wellington region, she’s going to be at the Martinborough Fair next weekend, 7 March), or you can buy the pattern only here.

Information about the pattern:

This is an advanced entry level lace scarf, ie., it is an easy pattern, but best attempted by someone who already knows the basics of lace (YO, K2tog, SSK).   I have written in plenty of instructional hints.  Both charts and written instructions are provided, to suit pattern reading preferences.  Blocking is essential to achieve the correct finish!

Scarf size:  23cm/9 inches wide and 190cm/74″ long

Wrap size:  40cm/15 inches wide x 190cm/74″ long

You need:

100g (416m/456yd)  4 ply (fingering weight) yarn for the scarf.

200g (833m/912yd) 4 ply (fingering weight) yarn for the wrap.

3.75mm needles and 4.5mm needles

The usual snips, needle, blocking pins and tape measure for finishing work.

Dancing with leavesEnjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Now you can dance with leaves

  1. Congrats on another pattern !
    Looks lovely, And I absolutely love how the colour of the yarn looks against the field, in the first photo