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A weekend ramble


We’re trying to make it a habit to get out of the house for a wander around the area every weekend.  While not a hard thing for me, the young boy can take some persuasion to shut down the tablet and get his head out of the matrix for a while.  We have to wait until evening, as it is still ferociously hot during the day.

I call these walks “Spot the treasure”.  Go down a seemingly boring country road…

Country road

and find that there are so many beautiful and useful things to discover if one cares to look.

Wild roses

Wild roses that were once part of someone’s garden.


Blackberries!  I would have loved to eat some of these, but one never knows if they have been sprayed (blackberry is considered a pest and vigorously sprayed to destroy the plants, so sad for the roadside forager!)


Hawthorn trees grow aplenty!  I was most happy to see them!  I understand that Hawthorn has valuable medicinal properties.


A patch of chamomile brightens up the roadside.


A maize crop rustles in the wind.

Mountain vista

Look across the fields, and you are treated to the grandeur that is the tail of the Tararua ranges.

We always come home feeling content.  My soul feels refreshed.

And now I guess you are wondering if I have had any time for knitting?  Of course!

Falls of Rauros

This exquisite lovely is The Falls of Rauros.  Claire Ellen is such a talented designer!  I have done my own thing on the heel (I do not like the look of that sweet tomato heel) and added extra twisted stitch detail to the foot.  I may have also made the toe my own…  I am very pleased to have used one of my favourite sock yarns ever – Knitsch 100% merino sock in the Silver Lining colourway.  In addition to being a total pleasure to knit with, I think it makes the sock look very waterfall’ish.

The below are the waterfalls that were my yarn choice inspiration. These falls are in McLarens Falls Park near my hometown of Tauranga, a favourite waterhole of both young and old.

Inspiration waterfall

Now to finish the other!

One and a quarter socks







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15 thoughts on “A weekend ramble

  1. I don’t like hearing that it’s still quite hot in your area. I am hoping it will cool down soon although having said that we’ve just started Autumn and Brisbane is experiencing a bit of a heat wave. Arrrggghh. Beautiful scenic photos on your post today. I felt quite relaxed looking at them. I can’t wait to see some of countryside when I arrive. I am being picked up at Wellington cruise terminal and driven to a spinning guild at The Wool Shed in Masterton. This is all through chatting to a very knowledge New Zealand spinner through the NZ spinning wheels page and Ravelry. What a wonderful tool the internet can be.

  2. I’m gasping at how beautiful it is where you live. You don’t have to search for treasure. (And your socks are exquisite.)

  3. Oh.. breathtaking views ! I’m really happy for you that you were able to move to such a beautiful scenery !
    My evening strolls are still quite fresh, but already there is more daylight, some crocusses and snowdrops and if I walk in the early evening/end of the afternoon, I get to hear quite some birdsong 🙂 So yes, I am anjoying the change of season here as well !

    ( the socks look awesome, too ! )

  4. Just gorgeous! All your colours and flowers are making me anxious for spring! The view out my window is still decidedly grey and white, so thank goodness for your photos reminding me of what’s to come 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous place to ramble around! Your socks are beautiful!! You should really do a whole book of sock patterns.

  6. I do love the Wairarapa, those hills make me wish I was there. We are seeing a few hints of spring, hooray it’s so lovely when it really gets underway. Enjoy your lovely weather and evening walks.
    The socks look quite fern like too, very lovely in that silver colour.

  7. great photos and a wonderful walk. Love your socks. It’s time for me to get back to sock knitting, a little Autumnal change here in the Waikato. So glad to here the happiness in your blog from your change of living area. Shirley

    • Life is definitely better in the country. I see the trees browning here too, but half of me wonders if it isn’t the dry – no cold weather to go with it!

  8. Beautiful waterfall and equally beautiful socks 🙂

  9. You live in such a beautiful area. Love these photos!

  10. Poor blackberries and they’re considered to be one of the power antioxidants. Those falls are lovely. And this sock pattern. My eyes felt like a pinball while viewing the pronounced stitches. They feel like movement.

  11. My daughter is also hard to get off her e-entertainment and out of doors. At least you have some lovely scenery and free berries to attract your boy!