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The chocolate thieves


I opened the glass/crockery cupboard this weekend to put something away.  There was a faint ‘ting’ as I did so.  “That was odd”, I thought, “I haven’t moved a glass?”  I rearranged the glassware a bit.  The boy’s chocolate eggs, all ready for Easter, were sitting on the middle shelf.  A tiny piece of tin foil lay on the shelving.  Hmm.  Why was that?

I picked up the egg box.  Oh!  The sneaky little thief had got into the chocolate egg from the side facing away from the door.  The entire egg had been eaten without disturbing the shape of the foil wrapping!  Every single little bit of chocolate was gone, save the packet of buttons wrapped in plastic that had been in the middle!  It was pretty comical, even if ghastly to think of what was in my cupboard.  This was getting a bit too close for comfort though.  What a greedy mouse!  It must be very fat to have eaten that entire, medium-sized egg (about 4″ high and 6″ around).  No wonder the cat was interested in this cupboard as well.

The young boy was most annoyed to see his chocolate egg had been eaten.  I was most annoyed that sneaky little creatures had decided to set up home in yet another cupboard!!  I got out a mouse trap.  “So.  You like chocolate, huh?  Your greed shall be your undoing!”  I put one of the chocolate buttons on to the trap treadle, and removing all the other chocolate from the cupboard, set the trap.  A few minutes later, I opened the door for something else, and noticed that the button had gone!!

I felt like we had one of those magic Harry Potter cupboards in our house!

Alright!  So here we have some Very Bold and Sneaky Thieves!  I decided to make the chocolate harder to remove.  In my pantry, I have a delicious jar of Fix and Fogg Chocolate Peanut Butter.  Single source, dark Ghanaian chocolate, blended with Australian peanuts.  Super chunky style.  Very nice on toast.  I added a dollop of that to the treadle, and for good measure, stuck a small piece of chocolate button into the middle of the paste.

Half an hour later, “SNAP!”  We opened the cupboard to find the twitching carcass of a house mouse. YES! Human, One. Mouse, None.

The chocolate thiefHere she is, given to the cat to dispose of.  It is dead – the trap broke its neck, killing it instantly.  Notice the glossy, chocolate-fed coat.  The cat carried the mouse outside, and I hope he ate it.

I reset the trap and listened for another snap, because where there is one, there are bound to be more.  A couple of hours later, not having heard anything, I curiously opened the cupboard.  There was another mouse! Dead in the trap!  Human, TWO. Mouse, None.

The cat very much enjoyed eating the next mouse.  He tossed it around for a few minutes, and then snaffled it up right there, crunch, crunch, munch, munch, much to my horror.  Blech!! Everything got eaten – even the tail! Shudder!  At least this is giving him a taste for mouse, and adding some healthy fibre into his diet.  It must have tasted excellent, because he hungrily sniffed around for more, hoping to find any missing scraps.  Well, I hope he’ll help with the finding and catching in future!

In the meantime, the trap has been reset.  I wonder how many more I’ll get!!??


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35 thoughts on “The chocolate thieves

  1. Oh, just don’t let them get into your stash!

  2. They come in waves . . . In the NZ countryside, I’ve caught 6, then had a few weeks off, then the next wave arrives when the weather gets really cold at night – freezing cold. Some years only the first wave, other years three or four lots. Joyce is right, you definitely need to keep them out of the stash, and also any other fabric stashes. (They like silk underwear, too, believe it or not.) Cheers,

  3. We have found a double layer of duct tape across any gap( and they can be very small gaps) will stop the blighters. One layer placed horizontally and then the second layer placed vertically on top. Apparently duct tape has metal threads within it and the blighters can’t chew/gnaw on that.
    We had rats in the garden over summer and had to resort to poisoning them. We suspect they were living and multiplying in the neighbour’s compost and visiting the Tuis sugar water feeders for fluids. We secured the bait onto a piece of wood and attached that inside a length of plastic spouting so that other birds and creatures could not get at the bait.

    Good luck!!!!

  4. One of my girls loves to eat mouse but normally she finds them outside. So far I’ve not had one inside eating our food, hopefully it stays that way! I’d hope that you don’t find too many more mice inside; but at least now you know if the cat is paying attention to an area a trap is required.

    • Absolutely. I could not see how a mouse could have got into the cupboard, but the cat showed me where – a gap in the door frame that I couldn’t see!

  5. mouses love chocolate, when you want to set a trap for them, you should use chocolate instead of cheese. I have mouses too :(. But they haven’t found my chocolate yet ( the chocolate is in the refrigerator 😉 )

  6. I once had a nest in a new washing machine. It broke the washing machine and we could buy another one.
    I hope you’re not losing sleep over this, I would over the long run.

  7. Oh boy, is sounds quite horrible…
    Made me wonder though; if the mouse was so appealing after that treat, does it mean your cat also likes chocolate ?

    And how about the house owner, don’t they do any maintenance ? To help sort this sort of problem ?

  8. OMGOSH. I didn’t know cats actually ate mice. What a semi-smart mouse she was to have eaten that egg and not disturb the foil. What a trip.

  9. Yikes!!!! Well, success for you and the kitty cat. Hope you get them all……..and can enjoy your own chocolates! Not a fan of mice either and when they die in the wall they smell for ages. We had that happen this winter and I couldn’t get enough room fresheners to mask the odor.
    fingers crossed you get them all, xoRobin

  10. We live on a little land out in the country in Kansas, USA. Even with many, many outdoor cats, mice are always an issue. The last two we found (on separate mornings) in a closed plastic storage bin that holds the dog food!! They had chewed a hole threw the thick plastic!! I just scooped them up in a cup and took them outside to the cats:)

    • Those were hard core mice. So far mine haven’t been desperate enough to get into enclosed packets. Your cats sound like they are very well fed.

  11. Rest assured we have mice in the Midwest of the US too! Our 13 year old home is less than 100 meters from corn and wheat fields. We catch mice in traps every autumn. As soon as the temps drop, they want INSIDE. They usually don’t get any further than our attached garage. Last October even making themselves at home in my car! Grrross!

  12. We actually have mice that are a protected species in Colorado.. Fortunately the cat doesn’t know the difference.

  13. Oh no … I was already cringing at your rat-post and now this? It’s good luck that you have a cat!!!

    I hope that you can get rid of this soon … Calling an exterminator won’t do much good to get rid of the nest, will it? Good luck!!!!

    • This is one of the times when the cat is semi-useful. Although so far he has been enjoying the fruits of my labours rather than getting them himself, from what I can tell! I think the traps will do their job.

  14. Oh my gosh those little mice sure are sneaky aren’t they? We have a similar problem here in Brisbane in the warmer weather with cockroaches. I just hate them. When I see one in my home I can’t rest until it’s been killed and thrown away and then I’m still on edge for hours after.

    • Cockroaches are one of my phobias. I can deal with mice, but cockroaches….. shhhhudder!!! That is one thing I absolutely do not miss about not living in Asia any more!

  15. Just make sure that you de-worm your cat regularly after giving her mice to eat 😉

    We had to deal with the odd house mouse while still in South Africa, here, in France, I have to deal with rats in the compost. So far, neither house mice nor rats have entered the house. We had to catch (indigenous!) mice quite a few times inside the house because our cats caught them outside and brought them (still very much alive and kicking) into the house with them. Fun occupation, especially in the middle of the night 😉

    • I do not allow the cat to use the catflap for that very reason. My previous cat did that too – I had to catch several very-much-alive mice! Now, the catflap stays shut, and cat comes in only if there is nothing in his mouth. 🙂

  16. No Mice problem here on the 45th floor !! lots of cockroaches though !! 3 months to go and we are all back home for 6 weeks !!!

    • Even on the 45th floor!! They are keen! I lived on the 40 something’th floor and did not have cockroaches much at all, for which I was very grateful. Fortunately, my kitty cat loved hunting them, and when one or two did occasionally venture in, she got rid of them for me.

  17. I had to laugh at your detail of “very nice on toast”. It just tickled me!

  18. Just this morning I spotted a little mouse run out from behind the fridge, turn around and run back. Must be getting cold outside.
    Sounds like you’re doing a good job getting rid of yours though.