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The kitten rescue


This little fellow arrived in my sister’s household last night. Isn’t he just adorable!?

KittenHis mother (we think must have been a stray) was run over on the road about a week ago.  He has stayed by his dead mother’s side for the whole time.

My sister drove past him every day.  At last, she couldn’t stand it any more, stopped, managed to catch him, and brought him home.  She couldn’t keep him, because her property is covenanted land with many native birds, and a cat and native bush do not go together well.

However, my other sister lives in town, and she readily agreed to have him, so my sister bought kitty milk and food and cat litter and brought him to her.

Kitten with nephew

Here is my nephew, happily cuddling the new addition to the family.  Yet unnamed, the little kitten is still fragile and traumatised, but hopefully with a little care and love he will recover to become a happy, playful kitty.  

Poor wee thing.  He has been through so much.  I am so proud of my sisters for rescuing him.  I know he has gone to a good and loving home.  He is a lucky kitten.


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16 thoughts on “The kitten rescue

  1. What a lovely little face! Just love the markings. Looks as though he’s had a go at some milk! Hope he grows up into a healthy and happy cat.

    Bimbi xx

  2. Well done sisters. What a sweet kitten he is, those little white patches on his face are so cute.

  3. What a cute kitten! Poor wee thing, I hope he settles into his new family quickly.

  4. Oh, that sounded heartbreaking.. Big ups to your sisters !

    • It is heartbreaking. We have figured given how tame the kitten is, and the fact that it knows how to use the litter box, that it was probably dumped with its mum. So sad.

      • That’s horrible ! I never understood that kind of thing. One would assume that it wouldn’t be that big of an effort to at least find your cats a new home or eventually bring them to an animal shelter, if you can’t have them in your own house any more…

  5. Yes, A really lucky kitty. I think it will be a lovely addition to a young family. I bet he/she will bring so much joy. Let us know how it goes and the kitty’s name!

  6. I am sure he will grow into a loyal and treasured part of the family. And I’m sure he’ll be spoiled rotten too. BTW, I have now returned from my cruise to NZ and spent a day in the Wairarapa. I hope to write a blog post about it soon. A wonderful day and a wonderful part of NZ.

    • I wondered if you managed to catch our polar blast? I couldn’t help think the weather gods had answered your prayers to wear your knitted goodies. 🙂 Looking forward to your blog post.

  7. I am sure he will grow into a wonderful cat, and hope that he has a long, healthy life ahead of him!

  8. Naw, this is a post that really tugs at my heartstrings! I have the good fortune to work at Wellington SPCA where I get to see many such stories come through our doors each week. It always amazes me how a bit of time out in foster with some loving people really brings out the personalities of little kittens and gives them a chance that they might not have had if it wasn’t for good luck. Hope he grows up into a loving and cherished family member!

  9. Handsome kitten. 🙂 After a final move in 2 months, I’ll be looking for a cat again. Last one died last summer. She was very unique!

  10. Poor little thing!! So happy to hear he has found a home and a good family to take care of him.