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The last day of our holiday at home together dawns tomorrow.  The lawns are done, the house is clean, and the groceries are in.  The boy was not happy to be dragged out of the house to do the grocery shopping today.  “Do we HAVE to go out?” he growled, glaring at me from the comfortable depths of his bean bag.  To mollify him, I promised that we would stay home tomorrow, all day, and not go out anywhere if that’s what he wanted.  This is what happens when your child spends all his free time locked into after school care or in holiday programmes.  Staying at home seems like the best thing since sliced bread.

The prospect of being able to grow roots into my own chair was also quite pleasing, to be honest.  The past few days at home have invigorated and refreshed me, and I feel ready to face life’s challenges once again!  It has also brought about a burst of Startitis!!!

In the past few days I have started:

  1. Eternidad – a beautiful dropped stitch cowl/scarf thing that will look great with my work wardrobe.
  2. EternidadThe final test of a lace cowl that I designed a while ago, but never publicly released.

Lace cowl

3. Finished one Golden Hall sock and started the second and started the leg of Clandestine.

Sock WIPs

Then I read about Woolen Diversions’ finished vest and I remembered that I needed one too.  The only vest that I love and wear every time I need something to keep the chill off has been worn to bits and is not suitable for work.  I need a new work-suitable vest.  A very silly idea began to brew as I sat and knitted this evening:  how about a little competition with myself to see if I could knit one in a day??

I’ve had this vest queued for ages.  It has always been my intention to knit it using Stansborough’s Mithril.  It is a simple pattern, but it’s exactly right for what I want it for, and Mithril will make a beautiful vest.  If I give myself some pressure to get it done, it will make the stocking stitch more fun. So what do you reckon folks?  Can I do this in 24 hours?

If you want, follow along with me on Twitter @Kiwiyarns, where I’ll be tweeting my progress over the next 24 hours under #projectvest (you can also see my updates in the side bar of this blog).

Should I fail to complete it by 8pm tomorrow, at least I’ll have had fun trying!

The 24 hour vest


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12 thoughts on “#projectvest

  1. If you manage it it’ll be gorgeous; there’s nothing like a simple vest for warmth and good looks.

  2. Good luck! These are great projects. 😀 Have a great day and a nice, calm one tomorrow!

  3. Love to see all your knitting projects! Can wait to see if you finish in 24 hours – that’s unimaginable to me! I’m a slow knitter (of course, the constant ripping back doesn’t help! Must pay attention.) Lovely socks in all your previous posts.

  4. We like pajama days at home. I get tired from running around during the week. The socks are terrific fiber candy.

  5. The absolute only way to do a simple stocking stitch garment in a plain colour is to DO IT FAST! Good luck with it.

  6. I vote yes. You can do it! I think it is fun that you want to try. 🙂
    Beautiful socks and progress pics as always!

  7. The green cowl is beautiful. Are you using fingerweight yarn for it?

  8. My daughter is the same re: staying at home. until this year she spent every day after school at after school care and every holiday in a programme. Then, in the weekends, she would spend all day lounging around in her PJs if we let her.
    Love the look of those cowls and the sock.

  9. I’m just catching up on blogs now… I can’t even imagine knitting a whole vest in a day! What a thrilling idea.