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#projectvest. 50% will do for now.


Half way

Well, that was an interesting scientific experiment.  Clearly, I cannot knit as much as I think I can in a ten hour period! After ten hours of solid knitting, I have finished the back of the vest. That’s just over 300m/328yd of yarn.

It is 50% less than I thought I might be able to do.  Clearly, sock knitting has addled my brain.  Although it is entirely possible to finish a pair of plain vanilla socks in ten hours, it appears that garments are not as quick to knit as socks!

In another way of looking at it, I now have a half-finished project, and now I only have the front to do, and I have a nice new vest to wear to work!  My fingers feel really good after that work-out.  I haven’t done that much concentrated knitting in a very long time!

Thanks for following along with me.


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24 thoughts on “#projectvest. 50% will do for now.

  1. You’ve done very well to achieve that much. I too am inclined to think I can complete more knitting than I realistically have time for.

  2. I think that’s very reasonable for 10 hours, I couldn’t do more.
    But no way I could finish a pair of socks in 10 hours, not even plain vanilla 😦 Well, maybe after looooots of practice.

  3. Congratulations! Well done. I was twiddling away on 2.25mm needles,doing fair-isle and thinking of ya!

  4. Way to go Wei! Nice yard and knitting tension….so even, just lovely. xoRobin

  5. well done 😀

    no sock knitting has not addled your brain, our handmade crafts take longer to make than most of us realise that’s all.

    the half you have done looks fantastic & look, it’s already half done 😉

    • I wish I could finish the other half in another day’s knitting. It’s going to have to be completed in increments now. But at least, as you say, it is half done!

  6. What a marathon. Terrific progress.

  7. I only could ever hope to make a pair of socks in 10 Hours!……I am looking foward to seeing the finished vest.

  8. Maybe I could send my unfinished vest to you to complete 🙂 I started it more than two years ago I think.

  9. Oooh I am jealous…would love ten hours of solid knitting. I got in two hours of solid knitting on Saturday and was overjoyed. Vest is looking good.

  10. I’m thinking it was probably the lack of purling that makings socks faster that a flat knit vest.

  11. Looks like a lot of knitting to me!!

  12. I am still impressed! I cannot knit a sock in a 10 hour period. It takes me 10 days of consistent knitting to make a pair.

    That vest is going to look so wonderful when you are done. And that reminds me…. I have to get going on that Stansborough sweater. The yarn has been looking at me every time I pass by the stash.

  13. I think it will be great when it’s finished and you don’t have far to go now.

  14. Wow, that’s seriously impressive! I know it’s not a whole vest but man, halfway there is nothing to sneeze at.