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#projectvest. Stocking stitch island is not Fun.


Stocking stitch island

And one ball per hour?  Clearly only for the first ball. I maintain there must have been less yarn in it!

An inch to go before I can begin the armholes.  8pm finish is looking remote at this stage!


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12 thoughts on “#projectvest. Stocking stitch island is not Fun.

  1. Have you been up all night? Pretty incredible, whether you get it done by 8:00 pm or not.

  2. I believe stocking stitch equates to being becalming in the Doldrums 🙂 Hope your hands will hold up – theres nothing worse than your tension slipping after ball number 3.

  3. Go girl!

  4. Try putting some of your favourite music on. I an struggling with a ten stitch blanket, just seems to take forever to complete a round now.

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  5. Good luck getting thru stocking stitch hell 😱 honestly I find knitting complex lace much more relaxing than stocking stitch ! so I applaud you 👏🏼 … go for it 😁

  6. I veer between wanting to do projects with lots of detail (e.g. cabling) and those with just stocking stitch – because the former is great for when I can concentrate and the latter is fantastic when I want to watch tv!

    • That is the reason why stocking stitch will always have a place in my WIP pile – it’s perfect for knitting and doing other stuff at the same time.