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Red fish, blue fish


Here I was, pottering along in a semi-controlled fashion, just managing to keep my Startitis under control, when something terrible happened.  In a single 24 hour period, I received not one, but TWO amazing knitting collections in my inbox.  Dear knitting god, why do you do this to me!!!?

Normally, I can look and resist, but in this particular case, the Twist Collective Spring/Summer 2015 and BT Men Vol 2 both contained designs that were absolutely and utterly irresistible.

I absolutely love Wenceslas.  I have not bought the pattern, because I must motivate myself to finish the things I already have and I have a lot of ‘me’ patterns already.  But get this:  I did not buy the pattern, but oh yes, I had to run off and buy the yarn for it!! What the…!?

Skeinz Vintage

Sigh.  Skeinz Vintage DK in Tapestry.  Fabulous service as always.  The yarn got here the next day!

Then I spied the most adorable baby pattern in.the.universe.

Fish Isle, Twist Collective

Fish Isle, Twist Collective

It’s called Fish Isle. Oh my, oh squee, soooo cute!!!!!  I could just see my nephews (and even nieces) wearing this… out came the credit card…

Fish Isle Swatch

Yeah.  I couldn’t resist doing a swatch today.  Too cute.  It’s a rough sketch but at least I now have an idea about what size needle to knit with the yarn I have chosen.  If all goes well, I will knit a red one for nephew no. 2, and maybe a pink one for Niece who Likes to Fish.

I consider myself to have got off lightly from that issue.

Having done that, the very next day, Brooklyn Tweed very unkindly released the most amazingly gorgeous selection of men’s sweaters that I want for meeee!!  At that, any last vestiges of control of Startitis evaporated.

I think the BT team have outdone themselves with the BT Men Vol. 2 collection.  As the young boy was not to be left out,  I got him to choose a sweater he’d like to wear this winter.  He chose well.  I consider it a justified purchase. After all, he needs a sweater for the winter (evil snigger).

Rift, BT Men Vol. 2

Rift, BT Men Vol. 2

This is Rift. I figure I’ll knit it with DK yarn to make it just a bit smaller than the smallest size, and it will fit him perfectly.

Just so that you don’t think I’m being completely pious about the whole thing, I have had this pattern sitting waiting patiently to be knitted for a while…

Hawser, Brooklyn Tweed, BT Fall 14

Hawser, Brooklyn Tweed, BT Fall 14

I think I might be busy for a while.

By the way, the vest front is now a quarter knitted.  I’ll get there soon!  And I may have a cowl thing to show you in the next day or two.  It’s done, but I want to tinker with it just a bit more.


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26 thoughts on “Red fish, blue fish

  1. Looking at Skeinz as I type this. As you say it is extremely tempting. Have just finished my first ever pair of socks and am keen to start another pair or maybe something different. Loving your ideas.

  2. O, I think it makes perfect sense that you had to buy the yarn; Wenceslas looks gorgeous ! Good thing that I didn’t have Twist Collective on my doormat though… quite the amount of very tempting patterns… would cause startitis over here as well 😉
    The young man chose well too, I hope your vest will fly off the needles, so you can start all those fun things too…

  3. Holy Mackerel what a lucky girl you are, So much fun, designing, sampling and knitting ahead. I think you must be in knitting heaven! Enjoy Wei, xoRobin

  4. I looked at BT MEN, quickly closed it before any harm could be done to my project list. So many great designs, I know I’m going to go back to it. Have fun fishing!

  5. Oh my goodness Fish Isle is absolutely adorable! I think I know what my son is getting for his birthday. 🙂

  6. I like the Fishy, Fishy Come Swim in My Ocean Cardigan. It’s cute. I like the looks of that yarn. The colors matches out bathroom tile. I may have to use your pic for colour match as we’ll be picking up paint samples today.

  7. Haha. Isn’t that just the way! I suspect it was because you were so conscious of trying to rein yourself in that you were so tempted. But then again, those were two pretty fantastic releases. I’ve been resorting to desperate measures to keep things under control over here, and today I am specifically NOT going to our big knitting fair. I’d like to think that I could go and look, but I know better, and I’ve been doing so well with my stash… (Though, according to my earlier logic, this means I’m going to crack and shop online, doesn’t it?)

  8. It is pretty damned hard not to be tempted by BT patterns.It’s just as well they don’t do a printed magazine that is available in NZ.

  9. You will be very busy knitting up those sweaters but they do look amazing. I was looking through those issues over the weekend but could not decide which to purchase first. I quite like the colors you are using for the fish sweater.

  10. So nice to know someone else out there is very ‘weak’ when it comes to yarn and patterns. My non-fibre friends think I’m nuts that I spend so much money on yarn and grow my stash. But sometimes there is a huge difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ don’t you think?

  11. I’m a sucker for BT patterns, too. Hawser is on my ‘dream knit’ list… and I’d like to make it out of handspun! Talk about long range project planning.

  12. Well shoot, Hawser looks really lovely. I had seen it before, but seeing other people’s projects makes me like it quite a bit more. What yarn are you going to use for it?

    • I have made up a swatch in a non-branded NZ felted merino. I like it very much. it has the same lightness and slightly tweedy look of Shelter. I am fairly sure I’ll go with that yarn for it.