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A trip to Castlepoint


It was a perfect day on Sunday.  Far too gorgeous to waste indoors.  I decided it was time we did more exploring of our new environment!

It has been a while since we went to the beach.  I decided some fresh sea air was just what we needed!


This is Castlepoint.  It is quite spectacular.

According to this website, Castlepoint is one of New Zealand’s 10 most loved beaches.  The lighthouse at this beach is one of the two remaining beam lighthouses left in New Zealand.

The young boy certainly loved the sand – perfect for digging large holes!  I dipped my feet into the sea, but decided that it was just a bit too chilly for paddling.

Castlepoint beachI had a nice time in the sand too…

Knitting at the beach

After holes had been dug to one young person’s satisfaction, and sand dunes appropriately rolled down and enjoyed, I dragged him up to the lighthouse for a walk and a look at what was on the other side of the reef.

Lighthouse at Castlepoint

It took one’s breath away!

View from the lighthouse

The colour of the sea was stunning…

Beyond Castlepoint

Here’s a view looking back towards the bay.

Castlepoint village

A geology student would find the landscape fascinating.  There are fossils to be seen, and clear layers of seashells and sandstone.  There is some very entertaining information about the history of Castlepoint here.

More Castlepoint

We drove home, feeling refreshed and relaxed.  What a wonderful day!  How lucky we are to be living in such an amazingly beautiful place!

There are plans afoot to go back as soon as possible and explore more of the walks!

Sand dune at Castlepoint


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23 thoughts on “A trip to Castlepoint

  1. What a gorgeous beach and surroundings! I can see you going there many more times, especially since your son loves it too. The water was stunning and the lighthouse amazing! Hope you have a great week, xoRobin

  2. Wow! What stunning scenery. Absolutely beautiful.

    Bimbi x

  3. There is nothing I like better than knitting at the beach. This one is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. One of my favourite beaches

  5. I have never been to Castlepoint and we live in Wellington!! I can see that it is time that I should. Your photos are stunning.

    • All the time I lived in Wellington I thought about going to Castlepoint, but never did. I figured I had no excuse this time! You should come over one day. It is well worth the trip. Hope you aren’t being too washed out by the flooding in Wellington that I see on the news at the moment!

  6. What a gorgeous place! I love how your countrymen keep that sand pristine.

  7. I have vague memories of this place (lived in Carterton as a young kid). What strikes me looking at the photos is *there’s no one else there.* I live by the Great Lakes now and if we head to the “beach” (so-called), it’s packed.

    • I can totally relate. I have been to beaches overseas that are so packed there is barely a square inch of sand. There were people at this beach, but as you could see from the pictures, there was space for everyone. It felt in many moments that we had the place all to ourselves. I treasure that.

  8. Such a lovely place. I have never been to Castlepoint, I live in the Waikato . My daughter and her family have been there for holidays a few times, I can see why now. It would have been a wonderful day for you and your son. Shirley

  9. I can just feel your relaxation through your writing. I’m so happy that you live close to such wonderful places to explore.

    • I thought of you when I did the walk and had a quiet chuckle at how someone can live somewhere for a long time and not see all things that enthusiastic visitors like you have already ticked off the list…

  10. we spent Christmas there,year before last. It was lovely. We never did get around to seeing the shipwreck though.

  11. Yes you certainly do live in a beautiful place. What really struck me about NZ when I did a coach tour through both islands a few years ago was the incredibly blue lakes and now you’ve just shown these gorgeous photos of the blue sea. Absolutely stunning!

  12. That’s so awesome! What beautiful pictures … My dad would love this; he’s a fan of lighthouses (and we all love going to the seaside). The water looks very clear – can you go diving and see any fish there?

    By the way: That is wonderful and gorgeous yarn! 😀 More socks for you?

    • The water is clear. It is a good fishing spot, but I have no idea whether the currents are friendly for diving. The project is a cowl. The yarn is very nice!

  13. Castlepoint is spectacular and your photos do great justice to it. I can almost feel the sand and the breeze there. Wonderful.