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An Autumn ramble


We’ve had a bit of bad weather this week, and by this afternoon, cabin fever had hit big time.  I dug the young man out of his bean bag and off we went down the road.

Country road

It is heartening to see how lush and green everything looks after the sun-baked brown of summer.


The culverts are full of water.


Quite pleased I managed to catch this rainbow!


The hawthorn berries have all been eaten by the birds, and most of the leaves have come off the trees.  Little buds have appeared, awaiting spring’s warmth before they burst forth.


There is a deer farm nearby.

Young bulls

There was considerable attention paid to the young bulls, who were just as curious about us.  They all came crowding to the fence to have a look.

Young bull

In fact, they took turns to pose for the camera. 🙂  This young chap has such a sweet face!

Curious bulls

Quite a few breeds in there, but don’t ask me to tell you what they are just yet!

Country road

It was nice to listen to the crunch of gravel under our feet, and feel the breeze in our faces.  It was slightly colder than I thought it would be – we should have worn hats!

Dog print

Small details were noticed, reminders of ones who had been there before us.

Toi toi grass

The toi toi grass flowers looked very picturesque against the grey clouds.


I love looking at detail.  This bark looks like it should be a yarn colourway.  Can’t you just see a pair of socks in this colour!?

Autumn toadstool

A little toadstool, so delicate.  It looks like a ballerina’s tutu, or just like a parasol that could be used by a mouse!

Future socks

Back home, future socks are swirling in my head.

Embossed leaves

These socks were favourite project of the week.  I’m completely in love with the colour and the pattern.  They were so addictive to knit, I think I might need to make another pair!  These ones are a gift.

Embossed leaves socks

The pattern is Embossed Leaves, and I knitted them in Knitsch 100% merino sock in the Asterias colourway.


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22 thoughts on “An Autumn ramble

  1. Looks like a great walk to clear away the cobwebs. Hope you survived the deluge ok.
    Embossed Leaves is one of my favourite sock patterns to knit and have made a few pairs, both for myself and for gifts. Just seems to fly off the needles. Yours look lovely, have made them in Knitsch yarn myself as well. Seems to suit the pattern so well.

    • Thankfully the Wairarapa did not get the same amount of rain as Wellington. I was rather thankful I no longer live there! I can understand why you have knitted so many pairs of those socks!

  2. Oh wow, what beautiful photo’s ! That toadstool is marvelous… I am very curious what socks will come out of your head 🙂

  3. Gorgeous socks, and more to come, you are the official sock master! Love the photos, can’t imagine a deer farm, we have so many wild ones here. Love all the small details you pointed out. The toadstool and toi toi grass are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, xoRobin

    • Isn’t it funny. They get farmed for their venison and velvet. I am surprised there isn’t that industry around deer in the US?

  4. This was a great discovery day. Your socks are cool. They make me think of a babbling brook in the deep forest fill of lichen on fallen trunks or a mermaid’s tail lazing about in the sea in the sun.

  5. What a beautiful peaceful place! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great pictures! I love fall but spring has just arrived here and it’s wonderful to have the snow gone at last!

  7. What a lovely walk! Thank you for taking me along with the great pictures you posted. 🙂

  8. I was surprised to see young bulls featured on your walk – I thought they all got taken to the meat works soon after birth. I feel better knowing some of them at least have a bit of a life.

  9. I love that the first thing you saw in the bark was a yarn color. Spoken like a true knitter.

  10. Beautiful photos and scenery. I could sense the tranquility as I looked through them. Sometimes you don’t need many words do you?

  11. Great walk enjoyed your pics. Loved the little toadstool. I think it’s for the fairies:-) The socks are lovely. Love them. Shirley