The finished things

Hello, and a happy weekend to you!

I’ve had a relatively productive week knitting-wise.  This is surprising because it is getting very hard to keep my eyes open past 10.30pm at night.  I must have learned to knit faster!

EternidadI’ve finally finished Eternidad.  You’ll notice that is has a much lacier look than the original.  This is because I used a yarn that was finer than recommended.  It’s no longer available, but something like Madelintosh Tosh Merino Light is very similar.  Very pleased with it.  I shall be wearing this quite a lot I think!

Fish isle

I finished and blocked my nephew’s Fish Isle last night.  It’s handy to have a nice warm fire to quickly dry one’s knitted items!

I am a little out of practice with knitting things for small people.  Although the gauge is as per the pattern, somehow the sleeves look quite narrow, and I’m not sure if the yoke will match the lower half.  I will find out when my sister puts it on her son!  Once I know it fits ok, I’ll make the second for his younger brother.  I knitted this in Anna Gratton’s machine washable 8 ply in the Paua colourway, and a loose skein of organic merino from Skeinz that I had floating around.

BFF socks

These are BFF socks, destined to be a gift.  These socks are a good lesson in how yarn weight affects gauge!  Because I have knit to many socks, I never do a swatch for socks these days as I think I have a good feel for how many stitches I should cast on to match size and yarn.  However, I tricked myself into thinking that this sport weight yarn was sock weight, and learned my lesson in first frogging the medium size (72 sts cast on), then the small size (64 sts) (pictured above) and now I’m on my third iteration with 56 stitches.  The socks will either now be too small or just right.  If that fails, I will tempt fate by using 2.5mm needles with 56 stitches, and if that fails, the ball will be wound up, put away, and I will find another yarn that has a much more accommodating nature.  This is why one uses sock weight yarn to knit socks!!

I am doggedly persevering because I am fixated on knitting the recipient some nice, warm, possum socks (this yarn is John Q Earthware) that she can wear in her gumboots when out in the garden this winter.  Nothing else will do (until I give up in frustration and switch to alpaca instead..!)

Somehow, this yarn felt finer than the last time I knitted with it.  I did knit my eldest son (now very much man-sized) some socks using this yarn with a 64 sts cast on and 2.75mm needles, and they came out just right.  So I thought that because I am using 2.25mm needles this time, that 64 stitches would be fine for a woman’s medium/small size.  Well, the answer to that my friends, is that I was wrong!

There are a couple of other projects on the needles that are coming along swimmingly, but I shall tell you about them in another post, as I think I’ve captured enough of your attention in this post already.

One last thing!  If you are in Wellington on 20 June, don’t forget to pop into the Social Wool Fair!  The great thing about this event is its very social nature – you can take your knitting, sit and have coffee and cake in the adjacent chat room (without feeling like you have to clear off because the café needs the seats for other customers), and indulge in the yarn greatness that will be there!

I’m going to be on the look-out for some new needles, and I’d like to get more closely acquainted with this yummy yarn.  I’m sure there will be more to tempt me, as I see that Anna Gratton, Spinning a Yarn, Vintage Purls, Skeinz and more will be there!!!  Supporting this fair raises proceeds for hospice care, a very worthy cause.  It is a shame that other Wellington indie dyers aren’t going to be there, but I am guessing they must have been all-dyed-out from the other yarn events that have been happening recently. Boo for me!




14 thoughts on “The finished things

    1. My thinking was the same as yours on the cables. I think where I went wrong is that the sock increases to 70 stitches once the cuff is done, and I forgot how large that would make the leg!

  1. I hope you enjoy the Outlaw Yarns. I am knitting with Vanitas at the moment, in the purple colourway – what a dream, it is like knitting with buttah! such a delight.

    I have also bought two tones of the Bohemia (sportweight) but ended up returning most of the light gray as I discovered after swatching and when I put it next to my skin – it was going to be a shawl – that it didn’t do anything for my colouring – but the bright blue is wonderful. More yarny thoughts will abound, and I am sure you will find something to delight. I bought both via Knitnstitch in Taupaki; Deborah had raved about it during the summer, and it hasn’t disappointed.

    Outlaw were in Auckland at Woolfest yesterday (their display could have been a bit more exciting), but as I know what yarny goodness it actually is, that didn’t deter me, and I could give them some wonderful feedback on the Vanitas.

    I love seeing all your photos, to me it is wonderful, and a picture – especially good photographs – say a thousand words.

  2. I like how your Eternidad looks light and airy. The fishes are so cute. I like how they are slanted like they’re curiously poking around. I’m amazed you were able to frog so many times with this yarn’s halo. It’s a terrific color.

    1. All very accurate observations! 🙂 The possum yarn is actually a very hardy yarn, and withstands a lot of abuse, unlike other fluffy-type yarns. There is a reason why it figures in my favourite fibre list. 🙂

  3. I always enjoy your blog! And thanks for mentioning the Social Wool Fair. I had no idea it was happening, I must be out-of-the-loop of such events but I will try and get there. You are very productive, producing some beauties.

  4. They all look so soft and comfy to wear, and pretty too. I must remember to visit the social wool fair as it’s really easy for me to get to.

    1. Thank you! I’m happy I did keep on with it. I was convinced at one stage it would be too loose, but it has come together nicely!

  5. Stocked up with Outlaw Yarns at Woolfest Auckland in the weekend, such yummy squishiness!! Can’t wait to get what I have on my needles to start using the Bohemia Sport in the most wonderful shade of blue. I am being strong and trying to get the two cardigans and one vest currently being created finished, so I can use them now the weather is cold, before starting anything new. Mind you also have a shawl and socks going as well, lol. Well, one can never have too many WIP’s can they?

    1. Absolutely. I am the same – keep thinking I need to finish the WIPs on my needles, but end up casting on more! I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Outlaw Yarns!

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