When I started this blog back in 2009, my aim was to contribute in some way to the sustainability of New Zealand’s wool industry and the yarns made using New Zealand wool, by writing about them and showcasing projects that I knitted, and ultimately designed, in those yarns.  I also devoted lot of energy to writing information about New Zealand yarns that I had found but on which there was very little public information.

Things have moved on a bit, and some of my information has since become out of date as these yarn companies’ businesses have developed (or not).  I am pleased to see that wool’s popularity is also on the uptick (although I take no credit for that!!)

I have begun updating my pages about New Zealand yarn companies, and started with Anna Gratton’s Little Wool Co.   I hope you enjoy reading!

I have included up to date buying information  as well as more examples of projects I have knitted using her beautiful yarns.  Remember this one?

The Shepherd Hoodie

And if you suddenly fancy a bit of Anna Gratton Little Wool Co., do remember she’ll be at the Social Wool Fair on Saturday, 20 June (or you can contact her directly on Facebook or her email: filaro AT farmside.co.nz).

Mohair merino by Anna Gratton


14 thoughts on “Updates

  1. very impressive cabling. I’ve yet to finish a cable project without finding at least one mistake that bugs me every time I wear it. Thanks for writing about NZ wool – it’s made me aware of what’s out there and that’s more than just whats in the local KnitWorld.

    1. It is actually one of the easier cable stitch patterns. It just looks complex! I’m so glad you have found the blog useful. 🙂

  2. I am a big fan of Anna Gratton, especial the merino/ mohair 4 ply. Please can you tell me the colour of the yarn above please.

  3. Anna’s yarn is so tasty. I’m working on finding just the right projects for my stash.

    And might I say that you look stunning in that sweater!

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