The happiness of winter

Ah winter, the best time of the year!  We are spoilt in New Zealand.  We never get endless sub-zero temperatures and massive snow storms that last for days.  Instead, we have days like this:

Frosty morning

Gorgeous, sunny days, with white frosts in the morning.  I love, love, love mornings like this!

Last week, we were extra spoiled to wake up to this:

Snow on the hills

Snow!!!  What a wonderful surprise it was to see!!  The vista on the other side of the house was even better, the craggy mountains covered in snowy white capes, gleaming in the morning sun.  I did not get a chance to stop and take a picture in the rush to get to work.  I hope I get a chance later on during winter when hopefully we will have more snow!

It was delightful to be able to wear my knitted goodness, snug and warm in layers of possum and wool.

Our nights (especially in the Wairarapa) are cold, sometimes going below zero Celsius, but snug and warm in our houses, with fires ablaze, it is hardly a sufferance.

The brisk mornings and cool days have renewed my enthusiasm for knitting more woollen goodness.

Cabled sweater love

I wondered if this beautiful Romney lambswool that I purchased a while ago from Hallblacks would be suitable to knit Two Hearts.  I did a bit of swatching…

Swatch for Two Hearts

The yarn is quite crisp when knitted, but I figured that a bath would bring out its true nature.

Washed swatch

Yes indeed, it has become a much softer version of itself.  The woollen spun yarn has bloomed and filled out to create a lovely fabric.  It is going to have a bit of a halo, and may be a little bit itchy (I don’t mind and will wear a base layer underneath in any event).  I have a feeling it will be the kind of woollen garment that feels and looks better with every passing year.

I’m going to make this my June project.  How else to celebrate the advent of Winter and the comfort that wool brings to this time of year!





11 thoughts on “The happiness of winter

  1. Oh, I can see why you like winter there… what beautiful photo’s ..
    Good luck with your June project, the swatch looks very promising indeed !

  2. I too have been secretly glad for the cold spells so that I could wear some of my hand knits. If it weren’t for the windiness, I’d have been tempted by some of the knitted coat patterns I’ve seen.

  3. I so envy you being able to experience the snow in winter. Last week in Brisbane it got to 26 degrees Celsius however the next few days it’ll be around 19 which means winter has finally hit. It won’t get much colder than that unfortunately but at least I can start wearing all my woollen knits. I love your new knitting project and look forward to seeing the finished garment.

  4. Yes I’ve got some of that yarn too. Mines going into a hat and mitts. It’s pretty chilly down here too. I think the three plied yarn from Black Hills is spun at Milton.
    Your washed sample has a lovely bloom.

  5. That looks like it will be the perfect cozy sweater. I’ve been yearning to knit up a good cozy sweater myself, despite the fact that I’ve been wearing shorts. Perhaps if I start soon, I’ll finish by the time I’d need it.

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