The loveliness of colour

I went into the garden this weekend and found a beautiful carpet of yellow leaves covering the ground. I have missed taking pictures of the beautiful autumn leaf colours I have been seeing – most of the trees have now dropped their leaves, or are past the blaze of colour that they were.

The carpet of leaves begged to be photographed before I raked them up, so I decided to have some fun and show you the blaze of Autumn in yarn instead.  🙂

autumn coloursI have finished the BFF socks, so they got some leaf footage as well.

BFF socksThey are lovely and fluffy and will be warm and cosy on the recipient.  I do not know what the white stuff is on the socks – it is certainly not there in real life.  I think the light must have been illuminating the fine possum fibres and showing them up as white.

Seems like autumn is a theme on the needles as well, if this other sock project is anything to go on.


I am not overly happy with how these socks are turning out. I think I am using the wrong yarn for the bobbles to show nicely.  Some frogging and restarting with new yarn may be in the works.  This is not a pleasant prospect given how involved this pattern is and the fact that I have now knit an entire leg.  Better to get it right than have an unhappy completion though.

A number of other projects are keeping me busy.  I’m also knitting Hybrid Vigour using a beautiful ball of Anna Gatton’s merino/mohair in the Lavender Fields colourway.  I do so love the loveliness of Anna’s colourways.  The construction of the pattern is very interesting and I am enjoying combining a New Zealand designer with New Zealand yarn!

Hybrid Vigour

I have also started my June project.  It is just how I hoped it would look! A medical emergency with the young boy today meant that I missed all the daylight hours to take photos, so you’ll have to wait until next week to see it.  🙂  The boy is fine after a couple of hours in hospital on a nebuliser (he has come down with bronchitis, which triggered an asthma attack.  The nebuliser delivers a high dosage of ventolin to relieve asthma).

And finally, I have a gorgeous pattern to show you today, a new release by another Kiwi designer, Sonya Newstead of StringHerder Designs.

empty nets

Sonya has very generously contributed Empty Nets as a free pattern for the Sustain the Sea initiative.  Thank you Sonya!  The pattern is superb!  Read her story and download the pattern here.

Have a good week everyone!


10 thoughts on “The loveliness of colour

  1. O, I am sorry to hear about the young boy… he must have felt horrible ! I do hope an attack like that is not something he regularly suffers from.. ?

    I absolutely love autumn colours ! Beautiful pictures those are ! Did you frog the sock and went for a different yarn or wil you leave it like this after all ? Too bad it doesn’t work like you had anticipated, for I love that colour and the sock thusfar does look good to me

    1. Thanks for your concern. You are right, he did feel very bad, poor child. It is a good thing modern medicine can relieve asthma. Fortunately, he does not suffer from these attacks much at all these days, unlike when he was younger.
      I am going to reknit the sock in a different yarn. Once I have done a few repeats of the bobble pattern I will make a judgment call as to whether it looks better than the current version!

  2. Thanks for being a consistent blogger! I can definitely learn from you as my blog suffers from neglect. I appreciate your frequent posts. Hope your son is better! I know when my son was little, I was always watching the weather hoping for a “hard frost” to kill the pollen and spores.

  3. That’s a lively shawl pattern. I have to agree with you that this wonderful, orange creamsicle yarn isn’t quite right for this sock pattern. I love your photo styling. The leaves are of my favorite season. Your yarn is fiberlicious and the red socks rock!

  4. Love the colours in the Lavender Fields colourway, it is going to make a beautiful shawl. I’m glad to see you are making one as I have been eyeing up the pattern myself in the 50/50 so am keen to see how it turns out 🙂

  5. I absolutely adore autumn colours and like you, I love taking photos of my projects outside against flowers, leaves and shrubs. The only problem I have is that the colours in my yarn are usually ‘duller’ as opposed to when I take photos inside. I’ve only got a fairly basic camera so that could be it. If you’re like me too, you’ll get to a point in that sock (and after you’ve knitted quite a bit) and you’ll frog it because it will just annoy and niggle at you 🙂 I sometimes wonder why I keep knitting when I should stop and frog when I first think of it. I guess I’m hoping I’ll change my mind and live with the ‘mistake’ but that never happens. Oh the joys of knitting!

  6. I hope you find a yarn that compliments the bobbles on the socks. And I hope you don’t lose any knitting mojo over ripping! I find it hard to go back to a pattern after deciding I chose the wrong yarn.

  7. Respiratory tract infections and asthma attacks bring back memories for our family too. No fun at all, get well soon young man.
    I love the colours in that Vintage Purls yarn – the gold and purples. Is it sock yarn?
    Really every season has beautiful colours.

    1. It is sock yarn. She does do some lovely colourways! I think that’s the thing I love the most about the seasons – every season has different and amazing colours, as you rightly point out.

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