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There are some weeks when it seems very little gets done in the way of knitting.  This week has been particularly true on that front.

However, there are some pleasing developments!


The Yavanna socks are now looking like they are meant to.  I gritted my teeth and cast on again in a squooshier yarn base,  and am very pleased with how it is looking.  This pattern needs a yarn that is solid or as close to solid in colour as possible.  My colleague wanted an orangey toned yarn, so this is as close as I could get to her colour preference.  The yarn is the Tanis Blue Label in the Pink Grapefruit colourway.  I’m pretty sure she’ll like it!

This pattern definitely needs a smooth yarn base and not one of the super-twisted yarns. The knots now look like fulsome flower buds about to burst forth in bloom, and not like dead and shrivelled things that they were before!

Very slow progress is happening on the Two Hearts.

Two hearts

This Romney lambswool looks rougher than it feels.  It’s going to be fabulous when it’s done!  The reason for the slowness is because I have been rather fixated with this pretty shawl:

Hybrid vigourIt takes me nearly half an hour to knit each row because of the extensive beading in the chart for this section, not to mention this particular part has patterning on both the right and wrong sides. My poor brain isn’t coping very well given my tiredness levels at the moment!  Once I’m through with this chart, things should progress a bit faster as it’s back to patterning only on the right side, and a lot less beads!  It will be a gorgeous, light, but warm “Shoncho” when it’s done!

I am telling myself I must be patient and not expect instant results with limited knitting time and three projects on the go!

I thought I’d finish this week’s post by showing you one of the cute creatures that said hello to us yesterday.

Stick insect

I think she must have eggs because her abdomen is the largest I have ever seen!

Stick insect

Here she is saying hello to the boy.

So pretty – look at her face!

Face detail

Such a cute “hairdo”, and such beautiful colouring!  As you can imagine, I’m thinking “Pretty yarn colour..!”

Finally, if you live in the Wellington region, don’t forget that next weekend, 20 June from 10am to 4pm is the Social Wool Fair!

Wishing you all a lovely week!




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12 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Great close up of the stick insect / preying mantis or whatever – fat tummy. Very cute photo of saying hello to the boy too 🙂

  2. That beaded shawl will be gorgeous, it already is!!! Love seeing all your beautiful yarns and WIP
    Oh, and love the praying mantis, great do!

  3. What great pictures of the knitting and the praying mantis with your son!

  4. Whenever I am looking for inspiration on knits, I always come to your blog. Such beautiful knitting progress.
    Of course that beautiful creature and her fantastic coloring made you think of yarn- how could you not?

  5. Beautiful knit work and I saw yarn colors in the insect, as well! Love how the Two Hearts is coming along. Stunning patterning.

  6. Fabulous post. Love the colours and the patterns.

  7. I’ve never seen a praying mantis of that coloring before. You always pick out intricate patterns. They’re interesting to look at.

  8. These socks are simply awesome. I have hesitated so far to make socks with such detailed patterns because I wasn’t sure whether they’d survive the washing (I don’t handwash my socks, I have to confess that).
    “Two hearts” looks simply gorgeous, I love the grey – the stitch definition is amazing!

    how are you getting the beads on the shawl? Are you using a crochet hook or do you pre-string them?

    The mantis is really cool – I don’t know whether I’ve seen on in real life (maybe at a zoo).

  9. Rockin’ socks! I am particularly fond of the rose pink yarn.

  10. For those in snowy parts this pattern for a knitted helmet, I’ve just finished, is very easy and very cosy to wear so I will be using under my bike helmet as its like wearing a beany and scarf all in one. They knew how to keep warm in days gone by. Helmet A is the version I chose.