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This weekend, the stars aligned perfectly:  the Social Wool Fair was on, the eldest son needed a lift to Wellington airport so he could get a flight back to Auckland and the youngest son had a play date with his best friend in Wellington.  This meant that a) I would be in Wellington, and b) I got a few spare hours all to myself and could go to the Fair! Hurrah!!

Bunting outside the Social Wool Fair venue
Bunting outside the Social Wool Fair venue

After dropping the boys at their respective destinations, I arrived at about lunch time.  I had a quick bite to eat in the knit cafe, and then proceeded into the hall, where I found my tribe (somehow that picture didn’t end up focused very well…!)

At the social wool fair

I was making my way slowly around the stalls and enjoying catching up with Helen, James, Susan, Nikki, Denise and others when I noticed that everyone had started packing up!  No!!  What was this!?  I thought the event didn’t finish until 4pm!? My carefully timed schedule of visiting stalls and having time to chat was ruined! Turns out the ending time had been changed to 2pm.

I finished making the rounds as quickly as possible, but didn’t manage to catch everyone.  And I didn’t get to take any more pictures of pretty yarn displays!

Outlaw yarns

I’ll just have to show you what I did manage to acquire:

Fair purchases

That’s more Anna Gratton 4 ply 100% pure wool in natural and a hand-dyed number called Mango (I woke up inspired to knit a shawl that morning), my first Zauberball, a pretty colourway called “The Blessed William” in Port sock yarn (100% superwash merino) from Dark Harbour Yarns and a nice selection of Outlaw Yarns Bohemia Sport that I hope I can turn into a colourwork number of some kind (it was a bit hard to think when everything was being packed up around me). Everything else is self-explanatory.

Sadly, the social knitting time I had carefully planned did not eventuate, so instead I visited a food court where I had some afternoon tea and knit a tiny bit of sock before it was time to collect the young boy.

Rainbows in 100% BFL by Happy-go-knitty

This is Happy-go-knitty 100% BFL sock yarn in her rainbow colourway.

It was a good afternoon.  Thank you, Nanette and Co., for donating your time and energy to making this event for a good cause happen.

We were lucky that we did not encounter any flooding on the way home.  The weather in the lower half of the North Island has caused severe flooding in some parts – I hope everyone is okay!

Thanks so much for all your comments on my last post.  I thought I had better do some research to identify the little critter I photographed last week.  Turns out, she is indeed a species of stick insect (they eat plants and not other insects and are usually flightless).  This is one of New Zealand’s eight species of Variable Stick Insect (genus Acanthoxyla), distinguished by the appearance of black spikes on their heads and bodies.

Variable stick insect

16 thoughts on “Social time

  1. I Love the look of that Bohemia worsted, Polwarth, Alpaca and Possum sounds like a wonderful mix. Can you buy it online anywhere, as I am in Australia, and only occasionally visit family in Christchurch.

  2. I am fascinated wondering what a ‘clockwork of number some kind’ is! I hope you enjoy the Bohemia as much as I did. It isn’t a ‘strongly plied’ wool, so you need to choose your project carefully.

    It looks like you have bought lots of delightful things.

    I think the Woolfest that I attended earlier in May, and linked up with ‘my people’ was one of the best weekends of the year!

  3. I bought some of the Outlaw at the Woolfest and am going to make in it, have swatched ready to go as soon as I finish my current WIP, washed up really well. Have made a pair of rainbow socks in Helene’s gorgeous yarn they are so lovely to wear, always put a smile on my face when I put them on. What a great haul you managed in the time you had!

  4. Loved the Woolfair too. The Zauberball and Bohemia Wool ladies must have done good business, as I bought up large of those two as well! Can’t wait to see how the Zauberball knits up as socks…

  5. ahhhh, I love your stash! The worsted yarn is so beautiful – it looks so SOFT! I also love the colours of the “Mango”-skein.

    By the way – unless you bought a “Crazy Zauberball”, don’t knit socks with it! The yarn is too thin and will develop holes quickly.

  6. I was wondering what that insect was. I didn’t even know New Zealand had a stick insect. Actually, I thought the only kind of stick insect was the brown stick kind. Now I know!

  7. Thanks for the warning, Julia. I checked, and it is the Crazy Zauberball. Good to know bout the regular wool though!

  8. I love all your yarn purchases. They are gorgeous. I am so sorry the show closed at 2pm. That would have been awful when you realised you had to hurry around as the stalls were being packed up. We had our Open Day last week and it was an absolute hive of activity. I just love being around wool, fibre, spinning wheels and like-minded people. It’s when I really come alive 🙂

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