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Coal says hello


Hello everyone!

My name is Coal the Mini Lop x bunny.

Coal the bunny

The young boy and his mummy came into the place where I lived one day.  The young boy wanted the annoying skitty guinea pig who lived with me.  I thought they looked nice, so I put my cute furry paws up on to the glass and begged to be taken home too.

I think it worked.  They made lots of ‘awww’ and ‘sooo cute’ noises, and before I knew it, I was in the same box as the guinea pig.  😀

They brought me and Shy the Guinea Pig to their house and put us in a new home.  The great thing is that I get to hop around the garden – I was so happy and excited that I sniffed all the things and jumped in the air and raced around the garden and had happy times digging in the gravel beds.


I had never been on grass before!  I thought it only came dried and out of a bag!  It was very strange to run on – at first I only wanted to run on the concrete paths and the wooden deck because it tickled my paws!  I also hopped into this nasty wet stuff – ooooh!  it was coold!  Fortunately, the mummy was brooming the wet stuff and I hopped on to the nice dry broom head to get out of that yucky stuff!  I think it’s called water.  I thought it came in a bottle.

I am also getting all this tasty food to eat that I’ve never had before!  The mummy says it’s good that I like parsley and puha best because they have lots growing in the garden, but the only thing is now they can’t eat it for dinner! I also love the willow sticks she gives me to chew!  They are good for my itchy teeth.

The young boy and his mummy like to give me cuddles.  I like them too!  The mummy says looking after me is eating into her knitting time (whatever that is), but she doesn’t sound too cross, so it can’t be a bad thing?

Boy and bunny

The young boy says I am adorable.  I like that.  The mummy says I make her feel stupid.  She did not know we are such clever little bunnies and like to play with people.  I am glad that she is learning more about rabbits!

Now the mummy says my home is too small and that she has to renovate the old chicken coop so I can have a safe and roomy space to play during the day while they are out.  I wonder what that will be like?  It sounds like it will be a nice place.

I hope you liked reading my hello.  Perhaps I’ll hop back on to these pages now and again and let you know how I’m doing here. Bye for now!

Bye from Coal


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19 thoughts on “Coal says hello

  1. He’s gorgeous. Try brushing his coat. I have spun bunny fur. Its lovely. Looks dead as a yarn until it warms up as you wear it, then you get heaps of cuddles.

  2. Gorgeous and soo well written. Thank you

  3. Coal is one very lucky bunny. I hope he brings you as much happiness as you have so obviously brought to him.

  4. Coal is just too cute ! It sounds like he’s having a wonderful time, how exciting for him !

  5. Lovely. You also have a cat, I seem to remember? A cat who hunts sometimes? Just be aware, some cats catch wild bunnies to eat. It can happen. You need to watch while the rabbit is free. So you avoid heartache and get to keep all the animals you love.

    • Do not worry, there is a time share arrangement happening. 🙂 Cat sleeps securely inside during the day, and bunny hops around outside. Cat goes outside at night, bunny goes safely into his cage. 🙂

  6. Hello Coal!!! You are so adorable, I know you will be happy in your new home. So much room to hop and eat your greens. The young boy will hug you everyday and make you feel at home. Don’t forget to give hugs back too!! Welcome to your new home, check in with us again soon. xoRobin

  7. Looks just like my childhood bunny! Makes me want a bunny again! So cute! Glad that he has such a good home.

  8. Aw so cute. I love their noses!

  9. It seems like you are getting quite a few more roommates than you thought you might. I didn’t know that bunnies like to play with people either. How cute!

  10. Hi Coal! Miss D is always looking for new fur-pals around the globe! Schnauzer kisses coming your way!

  11. Oh he loves his new buddy. That is a good looking bunny.

  12. I’d better not let youngest see this, he desperately wants a bunny, however considering both boys ignored the guinea pigs I’m not keen, even if they are incredibly cute!

  13. Haha, very good. He is cute, no wonder he came home too! Have fun.

  14. I want a bunny!!! Just enchanting 🙂