Puck for fast knitting

In the same way as we sometimes crave fast food, this week I craved fast knitting.

PuckIt probably had something to do with the fact that all my other projects are slow knitting – fine yarn or complex stitches – that require concentration and/or time.  I could see no FO satisfaction coming my way for a couple of weeks. Nor was I always in the right state of alertness in the evenings to be able to cope with the concentration required.

The yarn for Puck has been glaring accusing at me from the knitting table for quite some time, so I dived in and started knitting.

It’s funny that I had all the recommended colours for Puck in my stash.  It was a good way to use up those odd balls of Zealana Rimu DK that I had been collecting.  I used Riverbank (just over one ball), and one ball each of Kiwicrush and Dark Napo (I think? – I have lost the ball band – it’s a navy blue).  It is such a lovely yarn.  This photo particularly captures the softness and drape of this New Zealand brushtail possum yarn.

Zealana yarn in Puck

As written, the pattern makes for a scarf-sized project.  You could add another couple of repeats to get something closer to a shawl size.  I only had enough yarn for the original size.  They are not a very good night shots, but you get the idea… (I was trying to work out how many different ways I could wear it.)



It’s a crescent-shaped scarf.  I found that my cast-on edge could have been a bit looser.  Next time, I will remember to follow the advice of other knitters who put in a YO after the second stitch (and then drop it on the return row) to add more give.  Because this pattern requires you to make a stitch after the second stitch, I’d probably put the YO in the wrong side row which would have the bonus effect of giving me more yarn room to make the stitch on the right side row.  Now that makes me want to go and knit another Puck just to prove my theory right!

It is warm and soft and a nice pop of colour for my boring black work wardrobe.  Thanks for the refreshing interlude, Puck!

Fortunately, I have now finished the lace section of Lilli Pilli and am starting the next 100 rows of garter stripes.  They’ll do for mindless knitting this week!

Lilli Pilli

14 thoughts on “Puck for fast knitting

  1. Hello, love the colours of PUCK and that lace work is lovely…ya but…..you do have to pay attention!! nice.

  2. Yay for instant gratification. Your photos look good. Puck looks like a cozy shawl and feels like it represents New Zealand.

  3. This is just lovely and oh so snuggly. When I do bottom up shawls I cast on with a backwards loop and then purl back on a larger needle before starting the pattern. This gives the ‘stretch’ needed when blocking I find. Looks awful and fiddly when doing it, but great results at the other end.

    1. Whoops just looked up the pattern and saw is top down, look forward to seeing your next one, want to make this for myself now!

  4. I also sometimes really crave some simple knits, especially if there are multiple projects on the needles that require a certain level of attention. Puck looks like a perfect project for this, I really love the colours and how lucky you still had them lying around!

  5. Lovely fuzz on those yarns. I’ve just used Zealana Air lace for the first time and it was every bit a wonderful as I’d hoped and imagined. Enjoy this week’s knitting; mindless and otherwise.

  6. Love your color choices, especially Lilli Pilli! Puck looks like something I will need this winter (hard to imagine here in Ohio, USA in the middle of summer, though.)

  7. Can totally relate to this story. While on holidays, I enjoy the fact I can pick up my knitting without having to rely on the pattern and any intricate stitches. I love knitting scarves that are based on garter stitch rows. I’m on my third Croc-a-tail scarf; perfect for using my stashed yarns, perfect for a quick knit and perfect to give away as a gift. A simple scarf with a little simple detail down one side. I don’t add the bind off feature; I simply do the normal bind off.

  8. I love this a lot. In fact, I looked at the picture and thought: “hey, it’s Swing Knitting!” 🙂 It’s really beautiful (I already peeked at your project page, too). Lilli Pilli is also coming along so nicely! I am really curious by now what it will look like when you’re done. 🙂

  9. I thought I had easy knitting, but my socks are still giving me trouble. I’ve ripped out more than I’ve knit in. I could use some good instant gratification knitting. For now, I’ll just live through your FO (which looks lovely, by the way).

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