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Rabbit knitting


Hiya!  What are you doing there!?


Are these sticks good to eat?

Coal and sock

Will you play with me?

Inquisitive rabbit

Who’s that?

Cat and rabbit

He doesn’t look very friendly.  Why does he keep watching me?  Thank goodness he’s not in the garden too!


Too cosy under that stripy thing to play with me?

Coal resting

Well then, I’ll just clean my cute grey slippers…

Rabbit grooming

And have something nice to eat.

Minding the rabbit

See you next time!


Author: kiwiyarns

Welcome to my blog where I talk about knitting in New Zealand and the beautiful yarns you can find here.

13 thoughts on “Rabbit knitting

  1. what do you have on those sticks? Beautiful colours!

  2. What an adorable bunny! Is this your new addition to the family, if so I love your new member! Happy weekend and August 1st!

  3. I like those comforting colors on your sticks. Did this bunny grow? He’s in-between a small dog and a medium one. I’m glad the cat didn’t attack it.

  4. Wicked cute! Love it’s colour.

  5. Is it another shawlcho?

  6. Too cute!! I wish we could keep rabbits here in Queensland 🙂

  7. I hope Coal doesn’t “help” you too much with your knitting. He sure looks like a sweet little guy.