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The beauty of morning


There is something quite magical about the light in the Wairarapa.  It must be the plane of the earth in this part of New Zealand.  I don’t think I have ever experienced so many pretty sunrises as I have here.  It makes getting up early quite exciting!  The colours have been so particularly stunning on occasion that I have had to stop what I was doing and take photos!  They are not very good photos.  Too grainy, but they captured the light perfectly.

SunriseIt did not look real to me – the lurid imagination of a painter surely?  Such shades of blue and flamingo pink!

Purple morning

Violet sunrise – I have never seen this light before!

Purple sunriseCould they not be a skein of yarn from your favourite hand dyer?

And now, my favourite, a celebration of winter!

Cows on a frosty morning

A breathtakingly cold, clear morning, the frost lay thick like snow on the fields and in high, spiky tuffs on the fence and car.  Icy sparkles decorated the deck, shimmering like diamonds in the rays of the rising sun.

Icy deck

Slowly a mist rose, to veil the landscape in an exquisite, gauzy light.

Frosty morning

I rather did pity the cows their breakfast of ice.

If you are wondering, do not fear – I have knitting news to share.  I’ll be back later this weekend with an update.  🙂

A happy start to the weekend to you!








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9 thoughts on “The beauty of morning

  1. Those colors are extraordinary.

  2. Hello !
    Beautiful Pictures, I live at a place were it´s summer right now, Sweden. In the mornig I have been sitting outside with a lovely wiew and knitting and so I did yesterday to but at Another Place.
    I have a couple of knittings going on one is Two Hearts, when i saw it your blog I bought the boo,k I just felt that I wanted to knit that sweater.
    It was a coincidence that I found yor blog.

    • I have been seeing pictures of Sweden today – my father is visiting your country and he says it is very beautiful! I hope you are enjoying Two Hearts. I love where mine is up to – I must take it up again.

  3. Yes those colours are amazing but MY GOD your header with those mountains takes my breath away every time………….thank you for reminding us of that wonderful sight, time and time again!

  4. I’m sure the cows aren’t thrilled about frosted grass.(Kind of makes me think of the cereal, Frosted Flakes)

  5. gorgeous! and yes, I want some of those sunrises in a vibrantly dyed silk yarn. what a gorgeous shawl those sunrises would make!