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I am less than pleased with the first complete Twisted Flower.

twisted flower sock (640x427)

It just doesn’t ‘have it’.

twisted flower and other (640x427)

It even makes my foot look fat in contrast to the socks I am wearing today (Mimer).  Now there’s a new one, huh?  Instead of “does this make my arse look fat”, a knitter will say “does this make my foot look fat?” 😀

I’m not sure why Cookie A patterns and I don’t do well together.  This is the third pattern of hers that I have tried knitting that hasn’t worked.  I am quite sad, and it is very discouraging.

I think the main reason this one hasn’t worked is because I chose the wrong yarn.  I didn’t realise that even a small amount of variegation would affect the pattern showing up.  I went back and had another look at the 900+ other projects in this pattern on Ravelry, and I see that mine doesn’t look too different to others who have used similar semi-solid yarn.  You really need a solid colour, and a sock yarn with body to really make this pattern rock. SIGH. Why didn’t I notice that before I starting knitting?

Sometimes, I hate something I have just finished knitting, but then it grows on me.  Maybe this will be the case with these socks, but for the time being, sock no.2 is in time-out.

There is a silver lining to this.  Due to the massive frustrations of knitting the Twisted Flower, I got inspired to knit my own sock in a no-brainer pattern that is still interesting to wear and knit and fits with my limited energy reserves. I also found the perfect yarn.  It’s Tanis’ Blue Label in Tartan.  I LOVE that shade!!!!

Bark socks

I have enjoyed knitting it so much that the second sock is almost complete.  In fact, I got so inspired that I have three patterns lined up, all in a theme, which I will introduce over the next few weeks.  Happy days!

As a result, Lilli Pilli is receiving less attention than it has got, but the rows continue to grow, and soon it will be finished.

Lilli Pilli

It is going to be a lovely thing to wear when it is done!  I do have some observations around the knitting of this pattern, but I am going to wait until I am finished before I tell you about it.

And finally, I have a finished object to share!

Plain vanillas

These are knitted from an Opal yarn that I have had in my stash for a while (Masked Ball colourway).  Another pair made entirely during ‘waiting’ time.  These are going to my mother, because it is about time she got new socks.






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18 thoughts on “Sockstration

  1. I too have made that mistake with socks! I’ve used a patterned yarn for a patterned sock and it really doesn’t work! I’ve learnt my lesson tho and now have my sock favourites put into two bundles Variegated and Solid. Much easier to find patterns now to match whatever yarn I have. Happy knitting ! xxx ps your Lilli looks beautiful.

  2. You may be interested to know that the Wairarapa Spin In is taking place in Masterton Town Hall on Saturday 5 September. There are some interesting traders booked including Anna Gratton, Two Minute Needles, Sue’s Knits and Woollies, Tracy White and Shona Harris.
    Just $5 entry fee which includes refreshments. Hope to see you there. Helen

  3. How I laughed when I first read it but I see what you mean…when I saw what you meant! LOVE the Tartan shade, good choice.

  4. Yes, Cookie usually uses solid colored yarn that really brings out her twisty sock designs. Sorry that didn’t cut it for you but yay on casting on another sock that soothes your soul. Fun, vanilla pair. I think of those feathered masks.

  5. Interesting observations. Zealana have a Cozi sock yarn coming out around now which may be a better choice – I am looking forward to having a feel, and probably buying, though there maybe a lot of stroking before there is too much knitting of it (I wish sock yarn didn’t count, but looking at my stash, sadly, it must)

    • I am awaiting getting my hands on it with much anticipation! I did think about that too – it will depend on how much halo the yarn has. Too much and the delicate pattern will be lost.

  6. what a pity that a knitting can no longer rely on a sock pattern to be fatness-neutral – that now leaves just hats, wrist warmers and cowls (and maybe shawls). You could always dye them a darker colour to remove the colour variation (not sure how well it would work though – when I have dyed clothing made from different colours the item never turns out a solid colour).

  7. It’s amazing the difference in “fatness perception” between the two yarns! (I’m assuming your ankles and feet are pretty much the same size!) I love the “Tartan” color way and it will be great. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts about Lili Pilli, as I’m thinking of knitting it. I love your color choices for it, anyway.

    • It is a lovely pattern. My main gripe is that there were no measurements for each section of the shawl – and I am extremely worried that the shawl will not be long enough if followed exactly. I’m winging it as I go with approximations and I will make it long enough.

  8. I have been knitting socks lately. If you think your foot looks “fat,” wait until you see the pictures of my long feet modeling the socks! In the midst of sock knitting, I promised a close friend I would knit her a pair and, compared to my socks, hers will make me feel as though I am knitting children’s socks! 😄

  9. I’m sorry that this happened. When I got a giftcard for a bookstore for last year’s Christmas (I still have it), I wondered for a long time whether I should get “Knit.Sock.Love” or not, but decided against it in the end. Not because the patterns are not beautiful (far from it!), but because I though it would be a bit much on socks. Maybe that’s stupid.

    But sometimes you have a gradient yarn and you’re so sure that the pattern will be seen and you only notice until (very) later that it doesn’t (I mean, look at my last posting. Bah).

    I’m glad that your new pattern worked out for you!!!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to checking it out. 🙂

  10. It’s amazing how having just one little thing off with the yarn can cause so much frustration. In my case it’s had more to do with yarn weight and ply.