The nature series: Bark

I love to make beautiful fabric.


The feel of the yarn as it threads through fingers and around needles.

The enjoyment of seeing a beautiful thing coming out of what was once (very pretty) wool string.


The excitement of seeing a concept become reality!


I’ve been looking at a lot of texture in nature lately.  Bark and the things that grow on bark have been particularly fascinating.

BarkThey have inspired and motivated.

Bark socks

These are the first design in my nature series.

Bark socks 2

As you can expect, they are called Bark.  🙂

I have used Tanis Fibre Arts’ Blue Label (80% wool, 20% nylon) in the Tartan colourway.  It is, I think, perfectly matched to the inspiration, where you can see many colours that harmoniously blend on the bark of a tree.

This is an easy pattern, designed for knitters who want an interesting sock to knit without having to concentrate too much.  This pattern suits any standard weight sock yarn.  The stitch pattern is in multiples of four, which means that it can be easily adapted for non-standard sock yarn weights or other sizing by the addition or subtraction of stitches.  Sizing is provided for an adult small, medium or large size.  You need approximately 320m of yarn for the medium size.

I’m making the first of these designs free, in celebration of the free joy that nature gives us.  Download here.

I plan to release three designs in all.




39 thoughts on “The nature series: Bark

  1. Those are lovely! And I really like the idea of a Bark/nature series. Thank you so much for being so generous with the pattern. That tartan colourway is ‘delicious’………………….

  2. Thank you so much for your generosity with this pattern. It looks great and I have just the right yarn 😀.

  3. A lovely pattern. Thank you. Am enjoying knitting your “Anemone” socks at the moment. A great pattern and easy to follow. Shirley

  4. Gosh that is so generous of you 🙂 I love this pattern and is definitely one that would catch my eye. Now to go shopping in my stash to find the right yarn. Love the photos too!

  5. Thank you so much, I love your sock patterns. So kind of you to give this one free.

  6. O wow, what beautiful socks and how generous ! Thank you ! Your yarn matches so well here, too
    This of course makes me very curious about the other patterns you have in mind 🙂

  7. Love this pattern! Also a big fan of Tanis Fiber Arts. Thanks so much. Looking forward to the other patterns.

    1. Thank you! I love Tanis’ mastery of colour. Her work ethic is exemplary too. I was very happy that the yarn I chose matched my inspiration so well.

  8. Love the look of the yarn and the finished socks. But reading about your thoughts on bark make be think of what the model Hansel says in the Zealander movie!

  9. Great sock pattern and lovely of you to make it free. The yarn choice was perfect, as well.

    PS – Now I want to see “Zoolander”! My kids keep telling me I must.

  10. Mad keen to find knitting retreat/holiday/event in New Zealand, perhaps later this year or in 2016. Perhaps you or one of the followers are exactly the person/people to organise one (or at least know of one) How about it, people? Love to hear from you. Lesley Cavanagh

    1. Hi Lesley

      There are three knitting events that are organised each year:

      KAN (Knit Nights August) – Napier, held on the last August of every year. I am bitterly disappointed I could not go this year.

      Unwind – Dunedin, held in March each year. Too far for me to travel to, but one can dream!

      Woolfest – Auckland, held in May each year.

      Those are the main three knitting events and any of them are worth getting to.

      Hope that helps!

  11. Really pleased to see such a glorious response to your landscape. And so very happy too to be gifted such a lovely pattern. 1000 thanks.

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