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Things in between


I wanted to say firstly, thank you all so much for liking the Bark sock design!  I always find it nerve-racking to issue a sock pattern – to see it so well received is a massive relief and I am very grateful to all of you for your support! Thanks a million!!

Today I thought I’d talk about a couple of the other things that I have been busy with.

Soon after I finished Bark, I came across the Minecraft socks.  I was intrigued to see that they were very similar to the Bark stitch pattern (there is a difference though).  Anyway, Young Boy is a great fan of Minecraft, and I was rather missing knitting the Bark socks, so these are the result!

Minecraft socks

Minecraft socks

When I showed the pattern to Young Boy, he said “Why are you even asking if I want them?  The answer is yes, obviously!”  I pulled out several skeins of yarn that were possibilities for a match to the Minecraft world colour theme, and he chose this yarn.  He said it looked like the Minecraft world if you went up in a rocket and looked down on it.  Wins all around!

They were just as compulsive to knit as Bark, and Young Boy likes them.  I’ve been having fun playing with special effects in photos, so the colour is slightly different to what they are in reality, but you can get a sense of the blockiness of the stitch pattern here. The yarn is Knitsch 100% merino sock in South Pacific.  On a related note, I am delighted and ecstatic that Tash of Knitsch has started dyeing again as of 1 September!! Hurrah!!  I am looking forward to seeing what new colourways she brings out!

I am creeping through Lilli Pilli.  Although I have finished all 100 rows in the third section, the shawl is still far too short and does not sit nicely when I try it on.  It should be about 160cm (63 inches) at this stage, but it is only 140cm (55 inches).  It’s not going to block much larger, so I need to build in more length and add more stripes.  I find it quite difficult to knit for long periods because it seems that no matter how much I knit I can’t see progress.   It’s a great watching movies and knitting thing to do because then the rows fly by and you don’t notice the knitting time!

Lastly, I thought I’d give you a hint of the next design for the nature series!

IMG_0609 (800x532)



Spring leaves

Spring is well and truly here.  Enjoy the rest of your week!


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11 thoughts on “Things in between

  1. Great colour combo for the Minecraft socks! He knows what he likes…your kiddo! Flowers for spring, ?, Lovely whatever you will do. We are looking foreward to WINTER……and fires being out. Thanks to the NZ and AU firefighters who came to help out in the NW of the US. Just a bloody awful season. stay focused………..Lilli Pilli will be wonderful.

  2. I liked your son’s response to you. Great pair of socks. The tween got to play Minecraft to her heart’s content Saturday night with friends.

  3. I could hear Eric’s voice saying, “The answer is yes, obviously!” I’m glad he is enjoying his new socks. They look quite snazzy.

    Also, when Tash was going on hiatus, I was a bit sad that I wouldn’t have any Knitsch for a bit. As it turns out, I have a bunch in my stash still. Stashes are a tricky thing. They grow and multiply when you aren’t paying attention.

  4. I’m a bit jealous you’re getting spring right now. Your Minecraft socks (and story) are super cute!

  5. Awesome to see South Pacific knitted, my crochet socks in the same colour way show the colours quite differently

  6. Those photo’s are lovely ! Makes me very curious what design you’ll come up with next !
    Wishing you a lovely weekend with lots of knitting time and spring-outings 🙂

  7. Yes, spring is certainly here in Brisbane. Beautiful crisp mornings and sunny days. I have started knitting your Bark socks and am enjoying watching the pattern emerge. Will let you know when they’re finished 🙂

  8. Love the Minecraft story and socks. It’s so odd to think that Spring is arriving in your part of the world, while Fall will so be at mine! Love them both, though.

    • I always read the Fall stories in blogs with a bit of sadness – it means the heat will be with us soon. I can’t complain – it has been a ‘proper’ winter this year though!

  9. Thank you for the inspiration to knit Minecraft socks! My 10-year-old boy, too, is mad on Minecraft, and I came back from Knit August Nights this year with both newly-minted Magic Loop skills (thanks to the class taken by Morag of Vintage Purls) and the ideal yarn – Bleating Art’s Left Ventricle Sock in Marine Parade, dyed especially for the Knit August Nights retreat. It’s a turquoise blue paired with stormy grey – very like the coastal environment of Napier and ideal Minecraft colours! I’m just about to start the heel flap on the first sock – wish me luck!