Over the years I have been nominated many times for various blogging awards.  It’s very flattering to receive the award, and I’m grateful for the recognition from the nominator.  There are many reasons why I do not participate actively in them by passing on the award or answering the questions.  The reasons are tiresome and boring, so I won’t go into it.

Recently though, The Sock Monkey (Josiah Bain) nominated me for a couple of awards (the Starlight Award and the Sunshine Award).  It was a very sweet gesture, thank you Josiah.  He asked some interesting questions, so I thought I would take the time to reply.  The questions were:

1. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you’re asked to cite your inspiration?

Nature (you knew I’d say that, didn’t you?)  Particularly the bush (NZ terminology for forest), the sea, flowers and plants.  The wonderful textures and colours and shapes that exist in all of mother nature’s creatures.  Being close to nature, and being able to appreciate nature, is very important to me.

Plum blossom

2. Besides that special place in your own home, or in your studio, where do you retreat to create?

There’s creating in one’s mind, and then there’s the physical creating (knitting).  As a far-too-busy working person and mother, it is a rare moment to create outside of my own home.  However, I do a lot of mental creating outside of the home.  Especially when I’m out in the garden or around nature and driving to and from work. It’s nice to go for a long walk to recharge my creative juices.



3. Where do you see handknitting/fiber/dyeing as an industry in ten years?

I think there will always (thankfully) be a place in the world for knitting and other handcraft. There are varying reasons for why people craft, and also individual reasons for selecting materials to create.  I’m so grateful to the people in the industry in New Zealand and around the world who work tirelessly to create beautiful yarn from wool and other natural fibre for others to use.  I strongly believe that we must treasure and nurture our connection to the real world (as opposed to the manufactured artificiality that seems to be more and more the norm).  Hand dyeing has really only taken off in the last ten years, and I think that this area is still in its infancy.  There are so many techniques and methods that are yet to be explored.  I think it remain popular for a while yet.

anna gratton yarn

Now, like Josiah, I’m not so good at following rules either, but I believe at this point I’m meant to nominate some people.  So I will direct you to some of my favourites (some new, some old):

Bear Ears

My Sister’s Knitter

Ordinary Goodness

Woolen Diversions

Sweaty Knitter



And as I am very casual about these awards (forgive me!), I’ll not state the rules again either, but will refer you to one of Josiah’s nominators if you’d like to see them (I see I have broken one of the rules – this is one of the reasons why I generally don’t participate…)

In terms of my questions, I really like Josiah’s questions, so if any of those whom I have nominated would like to answer them too, I’d be really interested to see the answers!


6 thoughts on “Awards

  1. You live in a beautiful country. My parents will be planning soon a trip to Australia and they may spend a bit in New Zealand. I told my mum I wanted some of your wool!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. It has been a “solid” year here so my blogging has been rather spasmodic. Poor health has stalked the household for the past 5 weeks but with a new grandchild due in early January in England the needles have been humming. The blossom is lovely in your photos… for a little spring warmth please!!!!

  3. I love recommendations for blogs I haven’t yet discovered so a double thank-you for that and for including me in your little list! I’m sorry but I’m going to forgo the questions right now. I don’t really ‘create’ in the design sense like you and Josiah; just in the simpler form of taking the materials and making a product!

  4. Thanks so much for nominating me. I’m like you in that I sometimes feel a little reluctant to answer questions. (I like to do a good job and give it the time it deserves) I’m edging on the side of doing it, but am a little intimidated. So we shall see.

    I did, however, enjoy reading all of your answers and seeing your lovely images. It looks like Spring has sprung!

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