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The almost dones


My favourite time of day has to be that magic hour between getting home and having to start supper.  I make myself a nice cup of tea, and sit down at my laptop to immerse myself in the world of knitting.  I feel the stress dissolving out of my shoulders.  My head feels clearer, and that knot in my stomach releases.  There is a perkiness about the ears that isn’t apparent during the day.

It’s such a joy to log on to Ravelry, check out the latest patterns, visit my friends’ pages, look at their blogs, and visit my favourite forums, to connect with like-minded people.  My mind switches back into ‘creative’ and I can feel the urge to get to that latest project sitting patiently waiting by my knitting chair.

Speaking of which, I think it’s about time I showed you some actual knitting activity!  Knitting has been a bit slow because the last two weeks have been particularly horrid at work.  I shall tell you about that in a separate post. Every cloud has a silver lining, and this silver lining is something that I am thinking will be useful to quite a lot of people.

These are my Happy Rainbow socks.

Happy Rainbow

The yarn is Happy Go Knitty’s rainbow colourway in 100% BFL Sock.  I understand she’s on hiatus at the moment, so anyone wanting some of this loveliness is going to have to wait until 2016.

I never thought that there should be so many shades of rainbow:

Rainbows in many shades

The lovely baby soft rainbow is Canon Hand Dyes Yoga for Elephants (the Amy Lee Show), a breathtakingly generous and thoughtful gift from a special friend.  It goes with the grey as a ‘set’ which makes the cuff and heel and toes.  The other is “Are We There Yet” from Stray Cat Socks.  When I bought it, it was simply because it was such a cool name, and I thought that having used up my rainbow skein, I’d replace it.  But now that it has come home to me, I am well delighted by the crayon bright rainbow, which is a very different rainbow to my Happy Rainbow socks.  I can’t see it in the shop at the moment, but I know that Tracy takes orders.

I have been having fun in the stash, thinking about Spring colours for my next sock project:

Spring colours

I am absolutely in love with Sprig, my next design.  It is perfectly feminine without being frou frou, and again, a reasonably mindless knit for busy people with limited time, assuming you are familiar with lace.  Now to get time to write up the pattern for this, and Hug (which I will tell you about soon).  It is particularly satisfying to be able to translate the inspiration of Spring into a sock, and make it work!

Sprig 2


I have to say that sock fever has prevented me from working very much on my two large projects.

Lilli Pilli is very nearly finished, and I must try not to cast on for yet another pair of socks before I finish the lace border!  That shouldn’t be so hard.  It was the garter stripes that were not the most joyous thing to knit.

Lilli Pilli

The other project that I am keen to finish before the end of Spring is my Chevron Poncho.  I sat down with Young Boy to watch a movie this weekend with the express intention of distracting myself from noticing the mindless rows of garter stitch so that I could finish it.  I was a bit dismayed to find that after a couple of hours of concentrated knitting, I had only knitted four inches of the wretched thing!!!  You can see that there are only about six inches left of the entire project.  I am very nearly done!

Chevron poncho

So there we have it.  Many “almost dones”.  Perhaps next time I can show you some “dones”!?


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17 thoughts on “The almost dones

  1. 💖 those greens in that sock yarn photo. Your poncho looks terrific in that stock pattern. The pop of pink lace in the shawl is awesome. And the rainbow socks? Definitely 😁.

  2. Oh Sweetie, now just how you feel. Keep knitting… I’m over the trench knitting away too!

  3. Almost-dones! Hahaha, I seem to have a basket load of those too. Love yor spring colours, I’ve cast on socks for the first time in ages…’s definitely autumn here.

  4. So many lovely projects. Just working on them must feel good, never mind finishing!

  5. I love your rainbow socks! I splurged on some stripey rainbow yarn recently that I can’t wait to arrive. And I laughed at your aversion to garter stitch, because I feel the same way about stockinette, meanwhile I love garter! Go figure… Your lilli pilli shawl is looking lovely, however frustrating it might have been to knit!

  6. I loveloveLOVE these projects. “Are we there yet” made me laugh out loud – I love the way they wind their yarn!!!
    These rainbow colours are so pretty … I really have to knit more stockinette socks. 🙂 The green sock yarn is so, so yummy (and I really like your photo setup with the soft pink next to it).

    LillyPilly will look awesome. I always admire your eye for colour. 🙂 And I am curious about your new design (“Bark” is firmly on my list. Thank you so much for making it free!!!)!

    I do hope that things will lighten up at work. If work is stressfull, I always find that it creeps into the hours you are not there and that is the worst thing that can happen, because it poisons so much of this other time. Hopefully that will get better!! Hugs to you!

  7. I don’t believe I know a knitter who does not have lots of ‘Almost dones”. I know I’m definitely one of them 🙂

  8. Personally I think there are too many things in life that we have to finish…let your knits be the one area where you give yourself a bit of a break. They will get done eventually.
    Your Lilli Pilli is gorgeous!

  9. It’s just so hard to resist the allure of socks. I’ve got my own collection of rainbow yarn and it’s impressive how different it all can be!

  10. You make knitting sound almost meditative, which I suppose it often is. So good for you. I LOVE that rainbow yarn too; 2016 is too far away!