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Lilli Pilli


I suddenly realised that I have forgotten to show you my finished Lilli Pilli!

Lilli Pilli

Some thoughts on knitting and wearing this shawl:

  1. It is pleasantly large.  Since moving to the Wairarapa, where it is colder in Winter than in Wellington, I have come to appreciate the larger shawl.  More corking over the winter coat!
  2. The schematics on this pattern drove me a bit nuts.  The pattern says it is meant to be 185cm/73cm, but each section of shawl did not have a measurement.  If knitted according to the gauge measurements, the shawl would have been a lot shorter (about 145cm) and I wasn’t quite sure if I’d be able to block a whole 40cm (about a foot) into the shawl.  So, I knitted as follows:
    1. First section – 30cm (12”) slightly stretched when laid out on the carpet.
    2. Second section (lace)  – knitted 10 repeats as instructed because that’s all the yarn I had in the red colourway and I needed to save the rest for the second lace section. Section measures 44cm (17”) slightly stretched when laid out on the carpet.
    3. Third – 79cm (31”). Could not bear to knit any more stripes (I did about 110 stripes (220 rows) in the end) and after draping it around my neck figured it was long enough.
    4. Fourth – 12cm (4.5”). Ran out of yarn at exactly 4 repeats. Decided on balance not to add more lace repeats using the other colours in the shawl, and finished with a picot bind off in a contrasting colour to give it a slightly feminine ‘pop’.
    5. The total shawl length is approx 64” (165cm) spread out on the floor but unblocked. It is still shorter than the pattern’s specification of 73” (185cm) but having found the right way to wear it, I am satisfied and in fact, I think it is the perfect length. The yarn is very stretchy, as it is sock yarn, and I suspect that stretchy quality is making up for the lack of specified length.
  3. I used Knitsch 100% merino sock in Silver Lining and Pencarrow.  (approx 120gms of each) and an entire 100gm hank of a very similar 100% merino supertwist base but dyed by another dyer (who no longer dyes).
  4. It looks very lovely and apart from the grizzles about lack of measurements in the schematic, the pattern is very well written.  And I love the combination of lace and garter (even if I hate knitting garter stitch.  :-))
  5. The shape of the shawl is interesting.  It does not drape around my shoulders very well – the way I am wearing it looks best for me.  It seems to be that way for most people though – if you have a look at other Ravelry projects of this shawl, most have ended up wearing around the neck as opposed to the shoulders.

So there you have it!

IMG_0797 (800x600)



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19 thoughts on “Lilli Pilli

  1. It’s gorgeous!! You’ve done a beautiful job. I’ve been toying with knitting it as well but I’m not looking forward to doing the second round of pattern repeats. I feel like I’d get bored of 1 striped and 1 lace and then have to heave a huge sigh to continue on lol.

    • This was certainly my experience. But because the rows are relatively short, it’s not too bad – and the fact that it is just 100 odd stripes. I found that telling myself I only had 50 to go was motivating. 🙂

  2. It looks lovely on you! I love the colors 🙂 Great job!

  3. That’s a lovely shawl. I invariably have trouble keeping shawls on my shoulders, but am going to try a Faroese for next winter. Thank you for continuing to share your knitting life with us, it’s really appreciated. One word confusing me here -corking? Is that the same as caulking?

  4. It certainly looks neat to have a mix of garter and lace. Great finish here.

  5. That is lovely! The Faroese and Icelandic shawls do have a ‘built in’ shoulder definition and they DO stay on the shoulders. I do like the garter and lace together. Good job!

  6. I do like your shawl very much, colours and style. I am seeing words of some description that I have never heard of before so will have to do a bit of research. Have a good week Shirley

  7. Your shawl’s lovely. I really like the combination of garter stripe and lace. I agree that it’s frustrating not having measurements on a schematic.

  8. I have been excited to see you post about Lilli Pilli ever since drooling over it on Raverly. I totally get the frustrating about the schematics. Thank you for talking about the “wear” of the shawl. I have been eyeing this shawl but wasn’t sure how to wear it as most pics make it look more scarf like.

  9. Ohhh, this is lovely … What a beautiful colour combination! Is it more on the purple side or a deep red? I think it suits you great; and the size is awesome to snuggle in! 🙂 You definitely did a wonderful job. 🙂

  10. Very cool shawl. Great contrast. My brain never would have cooked that up…but I think it is pretty striking. Most impressed.

  11. I think the shawl suits you quite well. I suspect you are quite happy to have all that garter stitch off of the needles.

  12. I recently made Melanie Berg’s Ashburn and it was also a rather large scarf. Not sure when I’ll get to wear it but it suited the three skeins of Zen Yarn Garden yarn that I had. I love the look of your shawl and I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear through your winter season.

  13. Beautiful! I am going to have to add it to my queue!

  14. Beautiful shawl and beautiful color combo! I like how you wear it.

  15. Love your color choices – stunning shawl!

  16. Beautiful shawl, and certainly big enough to keep you warm and toasty!