Weekend rainbows

Rainbow 3

If you have been watching my Instagram feed in the side bar (or following along – I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and discovering lots of nice people to follow!) you’ll have noticed I finished the Happy Rainbow socks a few days ago.  I decided to wear them today! I do love the feel of this 100% BFL sock yarn from Happy-go-knitty.

It is a beautiful start to the weekend.  A lovely warm, still and sunny day.  The perfect weather in which to kick back and recharge the batteries with a bit of reading, knitting and sitting in the garden with the bunny.  He is so adorable – look at him sitting companionably beside me as I knit.

Coal and Reyna

I’ve had to start a new ‘mindless’ knit – this one is Reyna.  I’m using Noro Taiyo Sock.  Such a lovely, lovely yarn, and the perfect stripe sequence for this pattern!  It’s actually quite hard to put down because for a change I am enjoying the garter stitch.  I attribute this to the gorgeous yarn and Noro’s special rustic wool/cotton/silk feel that I love so much.

It has been an emotionally exhausting week, and there are a few more to come while my workplace sorts out an organisation-wide restructuring.  It’s very likely I will not have a job soon.  That is okay. Sometimes a door needs to close, and in this case, I think it is time I looked to find new activities to pay the bills.  The rainbow message of hope is a particularly apt one for me at the moment!

Rainbow socks

That isn’t to say it still isn’t a super scary situation to be in, particularly as I do not have a partner, and I have a child to feed as well, but I need to put on my ‘big girl pants’ and work it through.  Audry had some lovely words of advice on her blog today, and she is quite right.  It will be alright in the end.

I did decide I needed a bit of a pick-me-up, and managed to convince myself that some new yarn was necessary… yeah…

new yarn

Midnight Yarns is a new-to-me NZ indie dyer – another discovery from Instagram!  Super pretty dye job on a sparkling sock base!  Vintage Purls had an all-blue stocking last week, and I of course decided I did not have enough blue in my stash!

Tomorrow, should the weather hold (we are supposedly in for some gale force winds) we are going on a walk with friends to a new-to-me location.  Watch the Instagram feed for pretty pics!

Hope you are having a good weekend and here’s to a great start to Socktober!

16 thoughts on “Weekend rainbows

  1. Your Happy Go Knitty rainbow socks look great …I should get on and finish by DK rainbow boot toppers, and my BHL Happy Go Knitty blue striped socks!

    On the job front it sounds as though you think “And all shall be well” which is a good frame of mind to be in.

  2. I’m sorry you have this job business to work through. But like all who have said, it happens for a reason and a better opportunity will open for you. Great yarn you’ve picked up here. Have fun.

  3. There’s nothing quite like rainbow socks, it’s so cheerful! And yarn is always a great way to cheer yourself up, I hope the work situation will sort itself out, but at least you’re having a fantastic attitude about it 🙂

  4. Your new socks would cheer anyone up. All the best for the job situation. You are quite right about change being an opportunity to go forward. Thinking of you.

  5. Rainbows are a good omen in my life – whenever I am facing some sort of challenge, change or big decision, I see a rainbow and I know it’ll work out for the best. Your beautiful rainbows on your feet will see you though (that and your gorgeous knitting!) xx

  6. Sorry you have to deal with restructuring at your work. It must be so stressful. Will you perhaps become a professional knitting pattern designer?

  7. Trust me, you will find another job as you are such a positive person. I can relate to your story so very well. I was a single parent when I was six months pregnant. My son is now 28 (he flew the coop at 21) and am still single. So I know the struggle you have financially and emotionally too well. My positive and sincere thoughts and good vibes are winging their way from Queensland. But most of all I, just like you, always feel better after a yarn splurge 🙂 Love the socks too! I’ve just started a pair of Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s Sock Recipe socks for a friend of mine whose name also happens to be Stephanie! Keep positive and all the very best of Aussie luck to you.

  8. Oh no! Losing a job is really scary. I don’t know what is in store for you next, but it seems like each change has been a step in the general direction you hope to go (like moving out of the city).

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