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The Kereru


I spied the cat out of the window looking intently up the tree.  It was an odd little face.  What was he looking at?

Cat and the Kereru


Cat and kereru

The Kereru (NZ wood pigeon) and the cat eyed each other for a bit.  I anxiously eyed the cat, ready to run out and shout at him if he decided to climb the tree in pursuit of a fat pigeon dinner.


Such a beautiful bird!  It was busy eating the young leaves from the tree.

More of the kereru

It obligingly climbed higher into the tree so I could photograph its stunning plumage.


Then it flew away, and the disappointed cat settled down to bask in the last rays of the evening sun.

What a lovely end to the day, to see such a magnificent sight!




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13 thoughts on “The Kereru

  1. Beautiful bird. Such a joy birds bring. My idea of heaven. Late afternoon, glass of wine, needles, wool and birds….

  2. Wow! Such lovely photos. : )

  3. What a beautiful sight indeed! I’m thankful the cat was just observing her /his beauty! xoRobin

  4. Thanks for making me smile today! A catch-up from me is sorely overdue! xo

  5. That must have been one disappointed cat, glad he didn’t get pigeon dinner though; that would have been a tragedy.

  6. I liked the pic of them looking at each other. Your pigeons are so much more goodlooking than ours which are ugly.

  7. That is one stunning bird! Thanks.

  8. Have you thought of putting a bell on the cat to protect the native birds? I only ask because you appreciate native wildlife and cats are apparently evil native-bird-killers.

    • I did bell him. He lost the bell, and it didn’t make much difference! He still managed to stalk the birdies! Thankfully, since moving here he has been less inclined to be outside, which has helped with his hunting instincts. His favourite bird is blackbird. I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies.

  9. I didn’t realize kereru were so far north! There used to be big fat ones occupying a bush my daughter and I went past on the way to daycare in Dunedin–they’d get a fright and lumber off (only way to describe their process of getting into flight)

  10. In spite of the similarity in their heads, your pigeons sound a lot more pleasant than ours! City folk around here tend to refer to them as Air Rats.