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The Tui


The Kowhai tree in the garden has suddenly sprung into life this week and from what seems like nowhere, beautiful golden blossoms have appeared.

Kowhai tree

I swear I didn’t even see it budding!

Sitting outside, enjoying the last bit of the warm evening air, doing a spot of knitting and drinking a nice cold beer, I became aware of someone enjoying a nectar feast.


Loudly, be proclaimed this garden to be his personal preserve.

Tui 2

Look at his fluffed feathers as he calls his particular song of clicks, whistles and calls.  Tui are not songsters like the thrush or the blackbird, but they have a very distinctive, flute-like call.  Each Tui has his or her own song, so you can tell if the same one inhabits your garden after a while.

Tui 3

Such a pretty bird!  They are the first ones up in the morning, calling even before the sun begins to lighten the sky, and the last ones to bed, calling even after it has long become dark.

Tui 4

I love the mantle of white features and the white necktie bobbles.  See his beak covered in pollen?

Tui 5

The Kowhai tree has flowers rich in nectar, and is a favourite of the Tui.  You can be guaranteed a visit from these lovely birds if you have one in your garden!

I feel so lucky!  A Kereru on Monday, a Tui on Tuesday, what will I see tomorrow!?  😀




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15 thoughts on “The Tui

  1. What splendid treats you have enjoyed! Perhaps a Riroriro (Grey Warbler) tomorrow. Thank you for the lovely photos.

  2. My favourite tui used to shout “Ding dong! Hello!” They are such mimics, and so much fun, and so stroppy with other birds they perceive to be taking over their trees! Love the Dompost story of how Karori was filled with gorilla hoots after the tui flew from Newtown to the suburbs.

    • So funny! I have heard of one that mimicked a chainsaw, to the great annoyance of anyone nearby! Thanks for sharing the gorilla story – I hadn’t heard that one.

  3. Wonderful!

  4. I love reading the names of New Zealand’s animals and flora.

  5. Those flowers certainly woke me up! What a colour……….that Tui also has a bit of a green mantle. Sweet!

  6. Any new bird today?! Love the story of the birds and the Tui is a very pretty bird. Interesting that they have their own unique call, hope you get lots more visits from this one! Lovely nectar flower Wei.

  7. I’m quite fond of hearing the Tui calls. I didn’t realize that each one has its own distinct call. It makes sense, though. We all have our own voice.

    On a slightly different, but related subject, my Grandmother had a black cat with a white patch on its throat. Its name: Tui.

  8. Fabulous photos. Those are some of the things I really miss, so really enjoyed this post.

  9. Oh my goodness…your pictures are stunning. Wow.