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Today, I am very happy to bring you a sock that celebrates Spring.  It is the second design in the Nature Series.

Peach blossom

This Spring, I have spent an inordinate amount of time happily staring at blossoms.

Plum blossom

Beautiful spring flowers, bluebells and snow drops.

snow drop

blue bell

I wanted to conceptualise the lacey, curved look of the flowers and blossoms in bare branches and settled on this.

Sprig socks

They are called Sprig.  The lacey design at once hints at the structure of the blossoms and the tangle of bare branches.


They are a reasonably simple knit, just an eight stitch repeat.  If you are a very experienced lace knitter, you could knit these without having to refer to the pattern very much, but the rest of us will need to glance at the chart.

I have provided both written and charted instructions.  A few may be pleased to know that the only purl stitches needed in this pattern are in the ribbing and heel flap.

I’m not a confident user of test knitters, so I generally knit at least two versions of each sock pattern I produce myself, to make sure the pattern works.  It is still a terrifying experience to release a pattern… what if it has a mistake!!!?  I’ll get over it one day. 🙂

These versions were knitted in Soft Like Kittens’ Noodle Sock (grey):

IMG_0922 (800x793)

and Vintage Purls Sock:


The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Happy Socktober!!



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28 thoughts on “Sprig

  1. Congrats on this release. It’s very intricate.

  2. Absolutely beautiful socks that” DO” say Spring! Lovely work xoRobin

  3. I was about to start on your bark pattern but now I see this beautiful one I don’t know which to choose! Love your work.

  4. That stitch pattern does everything you meant for it to. It looks just like new growth. I’ll bet it would look great on a cardigan too!

  5. They are beautiful. I will pop onto Ravelry later and purchase the pattern. I might also add that I have just finished the first sock in my first ever test knit on Ravelry. The socks I am testing are called Promovendus and it’s the first time I’ve used beads in socks. I must say the pattern is lovely. The reason I jumped at testing this pattern is because the pattern writer provided both charts and written instructions. I am definitely not a chart person and was in fact the only person to test the written instructions so we must be few and far between 🙂

  6. Beautiful pattern and yarns! and Spring flowers!

  7. Since we are heading into winter I was really impressed with your flowers and Yes, your socks 🙂 Thank you.

  8. What beautiful socks, what a credit to you. congratulations

  9. How gorgeous and perfect timing too – I’m just ready for my next pair having just finished my second pair of anemone. Great work and what a talent!

  10. My next pair of socks! 😄

  11. I bought some white Regia for some lacey socks when I was in Germany last time. I think this is the perfect pattern! Beautiful!

  12. Congratulations ! They look wonderful ! The photo with the wee blue flowers with the socks makes a perfect combination. And I agree with Audrey, it would look good on a sweater too, I guess. Will definitely queue these ( as well, it getting colder here now, I wouldn’t be abale to wear them the next few months, chilly person that I am… 😉 )

  13. These are so pretty. I would never put shoes on them. LOL

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  15. Those socks are so pretty!

  16. These are gorgeous! Congratulations!

  17. Ooo love these! So elegant!

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