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Well hello there, and a Happy Sunday to you!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and support for my latest sock pattern, Sprig.  I’m so happy that you like it!

With Sprig finally off my radar, I’ve been focusing on finalising the pattern for my next design, Daisy.  With each passing design, my concepts seem to get more and more intricate, and although I am Super Happy with this next sock, I know it is going to be a possibly too fiddly for many.  It’s not really one of those talking and knitting designs.  So… I have also developed an alternative version which retains the main concept but does allow talking and knitting at the same time.  I am finishing the writing and testing phase now.  It is a very fun design – it will allow you to use up sock yarn scraps too!

I do have a finished object to show you!


Reyna is done.  I love how it has turned out in Noro.  I added a picot bind-off to make it a bit more feminine.  It is a small scarf rather than a shawl in my opinion.  I think you could have a lot of fun with it in sport or DK weight – it would become a beautiful, large version that would be very snuggly in winter.

Having finished Reyna, I felt a large hole open up in my world of shawl WIPs… and quickly cast on for another one…

Empty Nets

This is the beginning of Empty Nets, a gorgeous design from Sonya Newbold that is also a contribution to the Sustain the Sea initiative, still very much on my mind.  I’m using Zealana Kiwi Laceweight in the Ponamu colourway.  Sonya is a very clever designer.  I love how this design is going to start splitting at this point into the net shapes with the wave borders on either side.

I have to share some yarn love.  When Anna Gratton featured these beauties, some had to come home to me!  The first is her Ocean colourway – it is a 400g hank of merino/mohair.  The second is Iris, in 100% wool fingering weight.

Anna Gratton yarns

I do have a particular project in mind for Ocean.  I thought it would make a very nice Kate Davies Northmavine Hap.  To my great joy, I have discovered that I do have the exact right match for the grey contrast!

Northmavine hap yarns

My early morning strolls in the garden to collect food for the rabbit and guinea pig have given me so much delight. It is such a nice way to start the day.

Wild poppy

A delicate wild poppy in the field next door, little papery petals still opening up.  So fleeting that if you do not catch a photo when you see it, the petals will have dropped before you come back.


The blueberry bush is very happy in its new home in the vegetable patch, and promises lots of delicious berries soon!

Purple chard

My mutant chard looked stunning against the rising sun.  New growth is appearing to replace the winter-worn leaves, but I did like the effect of the pink veins contrasting with the green leaves in the early morning light.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!





21 thoughts on “This week

  1. You are wonderfully productive with fiber. I like it when you flash your yarn choices. Your chard is growing so funky and neat. I hope to have blueberry bushes one day. On my running route, one court has a few and I suddenly noticed how big and blue the berries were getting.

  2. I LOVE Empty Nets and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m not generally a shawl/scarf sort of person but this one has me sorely tempted. I can’t wait to see the finished item. I wish I wasn’t such a painfully slow knitter, you seem to produce things so quickly! (and beautifully)

    1. It is a truly lovely shawl, and so addictive to knit! The great thing about lace is that it grows very quickly. Won’t be long before you can see the finished result. And then you can knit your own!

  3. I’m just yearning for the country and your photos aren’t helping! I think like you, I’m done with city living. It’s just too anonymous and loud.

  4. Reyna looks beautiful, those colours look good on you too. I am very curious about the Daisy, quite a teaser 😉
    Wow, that chard seems quite big ! Is it the only one or are there more and will you be eating chard all spring… ?

    1. Ah, well spotted! 🙂 That chard is enormous. Just one leaf is enough for the both of us. Each one is about 2″ (60cm) long. Mutant chard. I said it!

  5. Sprig is lovely. I think that even though I am not a lace knitter. Our bunny would be jealous that your hemisphere is heading into spring. Our hemisphere is well into fall — when I went to the garden to pick his daily basil, it had succumbed to the first frost. Supermarket greens until next summer! P.S. Everyone loves my Geeks, but they are mine, mine, mine!

    1. You’ll be happy to know that the bunny got the first prize in the young man’s pet day at school this week, and he won the Cup for the Best Knowledge and Care of a Small Mammal. I was so proud!

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