Tutorial: Colourwork techniques for Veronica Speedwell

I have always been a little frustrated at the seeming lack of YouTube tutorials that explain how to create colour dominance in stranded knitting.  One would have been immensely useful to me when I was working out how to get my motifs to ‘pop’ against the background fabric when I was learning to knit fair isle/stranded colourwork correctly.

I put these videos together to demonstrate techniques that I describe in my upcoming sock pattern, Veronica Speedwell.  The videos were shot in one take, and they are by no means a polished performance, but I think they get the message through, so I am happy enough to post them!  Please forgive the verbal fumbling and the plaster in the first video.  My finger is suffering from excessive contact with sharp, pointy sticks.  🙂

I don’t address holding the yarn in this video.  There are many, many YouTube tutorials out there on this subject, so feel free to explore them to find a method you prefer.  As you can see, my technique is the simplest – I carry the yarn one colour at a time.

The sock you see in the video is my prototype for another pattern.  Don’t look too closely now!  😀

On colour dominance and general tips on stranded knitting:

On catching long floats:




11 thoughts on “Tutorial: Colourwork techniques for Veronica Speedwell

  1. Hi Wei, Love the first tutorial very much, really well done and easy to understand. For some reason the second tutorial (floats) didn’t come through for me. Just FYI may just be at my end.
    Also thank you for your kind words, it made my day.

    1. I’m sorry to hear the second didn’t work for you. Seems that it must have for others. Perhaps it might work for you if you tried again (assuming you are still interested!) Glad you found the video useful!

  2. Thanks for those very clear videos, I was especially interested in how to make the coours pop, I am always pleased to learn sometning new and useful.

  3. OH my god, I LOVE your voice! It sounds so pleasant and the background noises of the wind and the birds made me feel as if I was sitting next to you (sorry if that sounds a bit creepy). For me, both videos worked perfectly fine.

    Your design is simpy marvellous, by the way, and I love your colour choices. 🙂

    Do you always knit with both colours in your right hand? I haven’t done much fair isle (two small projects so far), and I knit with one colour in each hand (which was a bit of a braindrain for me in the beginning). 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I have to admit my technical skills at carrying yarn in the left hand are not great. When I first started knitting colourwork, I did use two hands, but I found that for some reason, the yarn in my left hand would never dominate. It is easier for me just to use one hand. However, it’s something I would like to work on as I am sure that using two hands would be faster!

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