Veronica Speedwell

Hello, and a Happy Wednesday to you!

I knitted very diligently over the weekend, and finished my next design, the third in the Nature Series.  Meet Veronica Speedwell!

Veronica Speedwell

Veronica Speedwell was inspired by little blue flowers I found in the grass in my garden.


I was curious to know what the plant was and found out that it is a herb, called by the common name “Speedwell” and that it is of the Veronica genus.  Feeling whimsical, I decided to name of these socks Veronica Speedwell!  (It is also sometimes called Gypsyweed or Bird’s Eye.)

In ancient times, this herb was used for medicinal purposes, drunk as a tea for the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, and metabolism.  I find it curious how much of our ancient knowledge has been lost to the conveniences of modern medicine.  I wanted to capture its prettiness and unsung history, and so here is the sock to celebrate this little flower.

Veronica Speedwell sock

This sock features stranded colourwork, but I have attempted to make this design accessible to all.  It is a top down construction with the flowers on the leg only.  The rest of the sock is stockinette.  This makes it an easy pattern once you are through the concentration of the colourwork, which in itself is not a complex design.  This pattern works well for using sock yarn scraps in the flower motif.

Here is another example of the motif worked in another colour combination:

Another colour combination

The socks above have been knitted using Happy-go-knitty 100% BFL sock and Vintage Purls Sock.  The lighter green is Happy-go-knitty, and the dark green is Vintage Purls.  I also used Vintage Purls for the blue of the flower.  The white flowers are 100% natural wool in fingering weight.

I’m finishing up the last of the technical edits today.  The pattern will contain tips on how to successfully knit a stranded motif.  I am aware that colourwork is something that can be a bit tricky, and want this to be a successful experience for even a beginner.  Watch out for the pattern soon!

Happy Knitting!



20 thoughts on “Veronica Speedwell

  1. Oh I love it!! Esp since I just got a Hebridean fleece from a sheep named Speedwell and I had forgotten why it sounded so familiar to me. The things we forget…… And those colours are my favourite! nice job.

  2. Love this pattern! Looking forward to having it in my library. I too am sad at the loss of knowledge from out natural world. Thanks for sharing some with us.

  3. Lovely wee design. Just might have to be my next pattern. I have some Zealandia cozi in a mustard colour way that just might be right for these.

    1. They would be pretty in Cozi because the possum fluff would make a lovely soft colourwork! Just be sure to knit the small size (assuming you are a medium) otherwise they will come out far too big (the Cozi will make your socks bigger than normal).

  4. Cute design! I love plain stst socks because you can zoom along, and with just a little pop of colour it makes it interesting, and then more zooming. Hmm, should I pull my sock undone yet again and knit a Speedwell.

    1. St st is great like that. You are correct about the speed. The colourwork itself doesn’t take long at all either, so it is a very fast knit.

  5. Don’t know how I missed this delightful post! Oh, I’m in love with this sock and pattern. Love both color schemes, beautifully made, will have to purchase this pattern : ) xoxoRobin

  6. Forgot to mention…..yes it is curious how many ancient remedies have gotten lost in time : (
    Thanks for the interesting information, xoR

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