Celebrate single breed wool this WOVEMBER!

This is a thought provoking and excellent article. Highly recommended reading!


LOUISE is here tonight to tell you a little bit more about the KnitBritish Breed Swatch-along and how you can get involved with discovering the deep wonders of swatching – and WOOL – this WOVEMBER.


I took this picture at Shetland Wool Week 2014. It is a fine (prize-winning) fleece and, to me, it speaks volumes about that breed’s wool. It has crimp, it is fine and you can almost feel the softness from the image, along with the gorgeous lanolin greasiness. The colours too are very distinctive; fawns, light browns, greys and lightened tips. I really want to place my hands on that fleece and I love how the image picks up the very fine nature and the lightness of those fibres.

It is no secret that I love Shetland wool and one of the main reasons that I love it so much is that knitting with this yarn…

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7 thoughts on “Celebrate single breed wool this WOVEMBER!

  1. Thanks Wei Siew, I am enjoying reading Wovember blogs. I had heard about Wovember via the Kate Davies blog, but after the event last year.

  2. Great read. I had a handspun yarn business for 22years. Used mainly Romney fleece the finer the better. But overtime I learnt that every fleece is slightly different. You would only get two or three jersey lots out of one fleece. That’s what kept me going. Colour and texture would be similar but not the same each time. My fingers could tell me what was going to happen. I used to select my fleece from only two or three farms at shearing time. So it was fresh. Put it in 90kg bales which I could just squeeze into my Honda City. It was a sight, brings back great memories. What my friend Pam and I put right chatting over the table in the woolshed.

  3. Oh this is so interesting. I want to do it with New Zealand sheep breeds, but it might not be that easy to get yarn that is made with just a straight breed of wool. Most on the market are blends or superwashed, – origin unknown, unless you spin it yourself, then there are individual differences in the spinning. Oh well……..

    1. You’ve prompted me to think about doing a post on this subject. There are a few out there, but as you say, not many. Your yarn of course would be a good place to start! 🙂

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