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Wovember Words: The Shearer


I had to share this – absolutely classic!!


WOVEMBER are super excited to have discovered the talents of The Rapping Shearer AKA Adam McClure. Adam is a shearer in Western Victoria, Australia. He is available for work in June, July, August and you can download his amazing rap “The Shearer” from this website. For today’s WOVEMBER WORDS which commences the Harvesting Wool segment of WOVEMBER we thought we would elaborate on some of the specialist shearing words included in this informative hip-hop classic!

The Shearer

Wake up keen at 5:30 in the morning,
You’ve already got your dungers on,
Put on a pair of woollen socks,
You know you’ve lost it now…
You know you’re a shearer.

I’m a Wether-wrestler,
A cross-bred peeler,
I’m the duke of the Downtube:
A hand-piece steerer,
I’m the boss of the belly,
A shornie engineer,
They call me King of the Comb –
Or you can call me a shearer…


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2 thoughts on “Wovember Words: The Shearer

  1. That’s a great share!

  2. Mille grazie for the share! And one of his songs features a Charlene (although my name is spelled differently!).