Zinging along

Hello!  Welcome to the weekend!

It has been a busy couple of weeks chez Kiwiyarns.  There have been jobs to apply for, and agents to see.  No news yet, but we’ll just keep working at it.

I am really appreciating not feeling exhausted all the time.  The first week after finishing work was spent in a state of comatose fatigue.  I think my body took the opportunity for rest and greedily decided that I could sleep for the whole week!!  I am now feeling a lot more refreshed and energetic, and able to knit for long periods of time without falling asleep!!

In between looking for that elusive day job, very happy times knitting all the things, planning future posts about New Zealand yarns and thinking about new designs have been had. If only this could be a full-time occupation!

Today, I want to tell you about KnitPro Zing needles.  I am not sure when these were introduced on to the market, but they are marked “new” so they must be very recent.  I discovered the circulars at Holland Road Yarn Company – their bright colours caught my eye at the counter.  As I am always eager to try new needles some had to come home!

The Zings seriously impressed.  So much that I had to get a double-pointed set to go with my circulars! I got these ones at Vintage Purls.

IMG_1339 (1024x768)

Notice how mine are gold?  That’s because it’s the colour code for 2.25mm needles.  Every size in this range has its own colour – isn’t that neat!? No more squinting at the size printed on the needle or checking with the needle gauge – you can tell the size from looking at the colour.  Good thing I like gold.

The reason I love these needles so much is because KnitPro has finally got everything right:

  • It’s a lightweight needle made of a superior grade lightweight metal.  KnitPro doesn’t specify what metal is used, but it is light, and very strong.
  • It is extremely smooth, almost (but not) too smooth to the point that you have to be careful that your stitches don’t slip off the needles!
  • There is no join between the tip and the stem of the needle.  More plus factor on the smooth knitting front.
  • The handle of the circulars is long.  I have real trouble with short circular needles.  These are the perfect size for me. I wondered if I was imagining the stem as being longer, so I got out an assortment of needles (all sized 2.25mm) to compare their lengths.  Turns out, I wasn’t.

circular needles

  • If you are interested, the needles in the photo (from above) are Addi Lace, KnitPro Symfonie, KnitPro Zing and KnitPro Karbonz.
  • You can see that the Zing needles are clearly the longest needle in the lot, even though I haven’t been able to accurately align all the needles.
  • Best of all, I love the tips: They are pointy enough to pick up stitches neatly, yet not so pointy as to poke holes in one’s fingers.  The points are also short enough that minimal finger movement is required to wrap the yarn around the needle to create a new stitch.  Have a look at the photo below.  I refer to the “point” as the part where the tapering ends.  You can see that there is a much shorter point on the Zing compared to a Symfonie.

Needles comparison

I think that a lot of thought has gone into creating these wonder needles.  I discovered how much easier they made my knitting when I picked up a sock WIP on my usual wooden KnitPro Symfonies.  Oh dear.  Not as wonderful as the Zings!  That shorter point and smoother stem makes a massive difference to my knitting comfort.

Just to clarify, I haven’t been paid by any party to endorse these needles.  I’m just sharing my latest wonderful discovery.

Looking at the background project in the photos it reminds me that I may have forgotten to show you my progress on Empty Nets since I cast on.  I have shown it on Instagram, but have forgotten to talk about it here!  Tut, tut!

Empty Nets

This photo is much more colour accurate that the ones above with the needles.  I have already completed the 17 repeats required in the pattern, but I want to make this a nice big shawl so I’m going to go for a few more repeats until I’m happy with the size.  A couple more repeats should do it.  I have plenty of the Zealana Kiwi laceweight that I’m using which means I do not have to worry about running out of yarn.  Hopefully I can show you a finished object in a couple of days!

I’ll be back in a few days to tell you about the rest of my projects.  I think I have taken up enough of your time for one day!

Wishing you a good weekend.

Since writing this post, I logged onto the news to see the dreadful attack in Paris.  I hope you are all safe.  A terrible day for our world.

20 thoughts on “Zinging along

  1. Thanks for the information and latest on the new “Zings”. I will give them a try when I wee them in my area and LYS.
    I’m praying for Paris and this world, what is wrong with people??
    Happy weekend Wei, xoRobin

  2. LOVE the lace in the background. It’s funny how the right needles can make – or break – a project! I love stiletto points for almost everything. I haven’t heard of Zings. Have to try them. I think we are all crying for Paris. Such a fantastic city. The world has gone mad. Kathy

  3. Ow… I’ve been eyeing them for a while, wondering what they’d be like and if I actually ‘need’ new dpn’s, so thanks for the review ! ( now I only need to think of a valid excuse, hehe ). A Dutch online store that sells them, states that they’re made of aluminium.

    Yes, the world has gone mad… sadly….

  4. Thank you for the Zing review including the throat/tip length. I immediately ordered two different sized circs for socks from a UK shop even though I’m in the US.

  5. I have the Addi Click set and love them although the tips are not very pointy. I have one size 5mm Knit Pro circulars and love them to bits. The pointy tip is fantastic.

  6. Great review, thanks! How would you compare the Zings to Karbonz? I like my Karbonz for fast and no-snag/drag dk knitting but depending on what I’m doing (eg k2tog) the tips are not pointy enough.

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